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WaPo: U.S. adds 209K jobs, jobless rate at 6.2 %


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Pointing out, though, before we start our Redskins Super Bowl party, that, while adding 200K jobs for six months in a row is nice, (and is certainly better than what we've been having, lately), that it's not really that unusual. 


I checked out the stats, a while back.  And job growth of 2M a year (which is slightly less than 200K/month) isn't all that rare.  Happens a bit less than half the time, as I recall. 


It's certainly not BAD news.  (Despite the fact that some will try to make it so.)  But it's not like we put a Man on the Moon. 

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No, it's nothing fantastic. However it is positive news. Considering the economy where the economy has been, it's good news. I'm fully aware that there are many ways to parse the jobs numbers—it's never going to be perfect. Celebrate the good things when they are there.

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