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2014 Training camp tips for those going from those who have been


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Link to 2013 edition of this thread:



Attended 7/30/14:


Parked on Hermitage road across from the Salvation Army for $5 at Geotrix. 


Walked down Hermitage to camp.


Things that are better this year;


Team store is in an enclosed tent

Numerous Food trucks with fairly responsible prices

The media tents that ran parallel to the main field at the top of the hill are gone.  There was one cooling mist tent and a very small Pappa Johns booth on the top of the hill.  With the tents gone, there is a good 35-40 foot wide area at the top of the hill for standing.  Shade is still rather limited. If you have folding sports chairs with a canopy, BRING THEM.


I got a BBQ sandwich at the Famous Dave's truck for $6 and my nephew got 12 wings at Buffalo Wild Wings for $10.  Since we had our own sodas with us, it was a pretty good deal for lunch.    HOWEVER, despite having 8-10 food trucks, there was NO place to sit down and eat.  A few picnic tables would be greatly appreciated.  We ended up sitting at the Bon Secours tent and talked some with the ladies manning the booth. 


The morning practice was well attended and getting autographs was pretty limited (more on this later).


We left the morning practice, dropped off my chair and cooler at the car, and went over to the Diamond to see the Nationals AA team play the Richmond Flying Squirrels.  We left that game after the 11th inning to go back to the Walk through practice (...and yes, we missed the grand slam that iced the game for the Senators).


Back  at training camp, the crowd was a lot smaller in the afternoon than in the morning and there were hardly any kids in the kids zone area  The players were doing walk throughs.  They did not have on helmets or pads.  Needless to say, there was not much to watch, though we did see Forbath make a FG from about 50+ yards out.


That practice lasted less than 1 hour.  Several players came over and signed autographs.  If you are more interested in autographs than seeing practice, I would advise you to go the walk through practice.


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Hey Mark,


I am taking my daughter to the final day of camp.  Are they still doing the kidzone behind the endzone and are players still taking kids from that area out onto the field after practice?


Yes kid zone still there and they are still doing the helmet walk. Not sure what last day of practice will be like though....

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Hey guys, long time Skins fan, always looked on this page.....but just never posted, had a username some years ago but didn't really post with that either.  I have a few questions, I plan to go Sunday the 10th, and I will be coming from eastern North Carolina.  We plan to leave around 6am which will put us getting to Richmond around 8:30.  We may miss the start of the practice, while I would love to get there real early to get a front row seat, it just will not be able to happen.....I was curious is there any danger of getting there and not being able to get in? Would it be a good idea to hang around for the walk through practice?  Also, how long does the morning practice last and what kind of stuff is there to do in the area between the practices if we decide to stick around?  Any info would be awesome!  Thanks and HTTR!!!!

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Regarding Sunday:  The Richmond Flying Squirrels (AA minor league team) are playing at 1:35  at the Diamond (within walking distance of Redskins Training camp).   Seats are something like $5. $11 for lower level.  You will probably have to leave the game early to get back to the afternoon practice.  There is not much to see during the afternoon practice, but you have a good chance of getting autographs if the crowd is smaller (plus the players are not as tired, so they might be more willing to sign).


The morning practice will likely end around 11 AM or so, which would give you time to eat and walk over to the Diamond.  If baseball is not your thing, the VA Science museum is pretty nice and is within walking distance as well.

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You shouldn't have any issue getting in. HOWEVER, I think there's always the possibility of there being too many people and they could restrict. I haven't read where that has happened. They knew the "Fan Appreciation Day" & practices with NE would bring a lot of fans so they went to the ticket system this year. Sunday the 10th will should be fine. 


As mentioned, the 8:35am practice will probably end about 11am. They have the Redskins Super Bowl trophies on display at the Va Science museum right next to training camp site (walking distance). While you wait for the 4pm walk  through (which lasts about 1 hour) you can walk here for a beer before going up the street to the Squirrels. It opens at 12pm on Sunday:



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