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Redskins’ Defense Still Working Out Its Identity

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I hope what has been said is true in that Shanahan tied JH's hands. I hope it's true because he (Haslett) can now unleash the hounds & do his thing. He needs to if #1 we intend to compete for the division title & #2 he wants to keep his job. If the defense isn't any better this year then as far as I'm concerned Haslett should be fired.



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While the media keeps trying to blame RGIII for throwing MS under a bus, it is becoming clear he hard worn out his welcome with most everyone. Bruce Allen the other day said RGIII should not have started. 


Of course it was from the following Chris Wessling article. He is a total piece of **** from nfl.com who writes one hatchet article after another trashing RGIII and the Redskins. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000370651/article/bruce-allen-rgiii-should-not-have-started-2013-opener


He tries to make BA out to be a hypocrite because he found some obscure statement he made saying all systems were go and that it looked like RGIII would be ready. But do you really expect him to come out and publicly disagree with the HC? Of course not. It might be different if BA was driving it. Barry Coefield joined the "it's a hell of a lot better now with shanny gone" parade. 


I really believe our D will be much improved. I think there is mored talent, I like the way they are being orchid. Things like getting a OLB coach specifically to coach Rak, Ker and the others. How much better? Who knows. Only time will tell. 


I like it when everyone picks against us. That's when we seem to win the most…..  lol   HTTR!!!!

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Don't expect to get any kind of a positive spin for the Redskins from NFL.com. Ever. 

There may be an editorial policy against it because it just doesn't happen.


The second half of the season; the D wasn't really that bad - they were getting their gel on and keeping the opponents scores down to a respectable level against good competition. I don't see any reason why that won't be built on.

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