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The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

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35 minutes ago, abdcskins said:

Pretty miraculous win tonight on the road at #12 Illinois.

Great job by the entire team. No Ayala, no problem. Hart, Wiggins, Scott, Morsell all with great games on both ends of the floor. Smith fought all night with the behemoth ****burn, and did okay. Chol gave them some good minutes, and hit his first career three.


Without Ayala, the ball moved much more quickly on offense, as did the the guys without the ball. Wasn’t all that 4 guys standing around the perimeter, and one trying to get inside position.


Two big road wins now, against two ranked teams. Not gonna get any easier in the B1G, but another superb win fueled by heart and determination.

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Terps pick up another nice road win at Minnesota. They don't seem to want to give up haha. That's a good thing. Looks like Turgeon used a 7 man rotation today, not sure if that was intentional or due to Covid. I didn't watch the game.


If they can string together a few wins they would be in good shape for the tournament. They haven't proven to be capable of that yet though. 

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Real shame for the girls that Angel Reese went down early for the season. Her, Diamond Miller, and Ashley Owusu is a dynamite trio that would have grown together, and been a force in the playoffs.

Keep em all together Brenda, add a couple pieces, and Lady Terps will be a force next season.

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^ That was quite the comeback win against Purdue. Morsell and Ayala were clutch down the stretch. Wiggins has been playing much better too. Turgeon teams always play hard, gotta give him that. Morsell is my guy, would love to see them make a run in his senior season. 

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Chadwick coached the local high school here, where both my kids went. Excellent coach. Myers Park is one of the largest schools in NC, yet struggled to put out a viable winner year after year, until Chadwick. Since he’d been here, he got great players to move into the district to play for him, and turned MPHS into a yearly state championship contender. They fell short the last few years, but they’ve been fun to watch.

Hopefully, Chadwick will have just as much success recruiting for Maryland, as he had here in Charlotte. I’m rooting for him.


As to last night’s game, another scrappy win, for a scrappy team. Wiggins was HUGE in the second half, actually looking like the stud we’d all hoped he could become. Ayala, and the defense, also came up big, but man did Perdue gag that one. That’s how this team needs to win in the B1G, keep it ugly and scrappy, and hope to make enough plays to pull it out. 

Make the tournament? Pipe dream if you ask me. Shame they didn’t play last year, when they actually had a big time team.

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Yeah that was pretty bad. So many dumb turnover by Maryland. You were right Long, team desperately needs a primary ball handler. They have Hart running the point, and he can barely dribble properly (hyperbole). Scott sometimes brings the ball up the court. No one on the team shoots exceptionally well. Wiggins is so frustrating to watch. He needs to get stronger physically and mentally. His shot form looks good, he is just so inconsistent. Got blocked a few times near the rim too.

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15 hours ago, ixcuincle said:

Maryland is too inconsistent. Needs to win more often. Follow up a good win against Purdue with a bad loss to PSU


Was a classic Turgeon game where they come off a big win with a loss like that.

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