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Tip at 8:30 tonight. Going to be tough, Minny has won 5 straight since losing to us. Murphy seems to be playing real well, avg something like 18 and 16 the past few games. 


Turg admitted that he sat Melo and Huerter for the final 4 against Wisky bc of lack of rebounding. Im interested to see how the young terps respond, if Dodd can play more than 14 mins and if Melo comes out fresh or tired. Mel and Huerter have played a ton of mins this year. 


I dont normally predict scores but really feeling the line of 73-68 maryland.  

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On 2/15/2017 at 9:47 PM, Long n Left said:

Okay, been crazy busy last couple of days, but here goes:


Louis Berger

Bob Kessler

Will Hetzel

Lee Brawley

Gene Shue

Gary Ward

Jay McMillen

Tom McMillen

Len Elmore

Barry Yates

Jim O'Brien

Mo Howard

Howard White

John Lucas

Buck Williams 

Albert King

Brad Davis

Evers Burns

Johnny Rhodes

Greg Manning

Derrick Lewis


Joe Smith


Ernest Graham




Terence Morris








Steve Sheppard








Walt Williams 



By my count that's 46, all at least in the discussion. 


Unfortunately, in our convenience store society, most people only remember the most recent.


BTW, Melo had one of his two or three best games as a Terp tonight. Kudos to him, they needed that contribution. Hope he can keep it going.

this is a painfully bad troll list. 

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14 minutes ago, BenningRoadSkin said:

this is a painfully bad troll list. 


Actually... It's a good list. Painful is you trying to defend this player as a top player of all time. 


Neither of us are saying that he is not among the best...we are simply saying that he is not among the top ten. 

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I said he was top 15 right now and will be top 10 when he hangs it up. You and Long think he is around the 40th best, at best. 


That was my understanding of the parameters of the discussion.


Your position is not that Melo is not among the top 10 but that he is a stretch to be top 40. You and Long provided your list. Like I said, if you think Gist or stooglin or any of those other guys are better, I dont think we can even agree to basic parameters necessary to even beginning having a valid and worthwhile discussion.  

If you are walking back from your "stretch to be in top 40" position, great. But lets not pretend like that was your original position.  I personally walked back from saying he was top 5 to saying he is top 15 right now. I went back, looked at some prior team rosters and changed my opinion.


Flexibility, its not just a good trait for your lady to have. 



Im worried about tonight. Minny is rolling and plays tough. Top 20 defense. Will the team respond to Turg's message after the Wisky game? 


Also, I havent heard the crowd do the sing along to biz markie's "just a friend" song. Normally they play it during a TV timeout and play the music right up to live action so the crowd still loudly sings along after the music stopped and live play is going on. I think its the best fan theatric we do. Im just waiting for one of those cheerleaders to tumble down the steep stairs when the unfurl the flag. It is bound to happen, and it will not be pretty. 


Biz lives in Bowie or somewhere. Surprised the Terps dont have him come out for a cameo. I know he needs money and does any small even he can. Imagine Biz coming out during a TV timeout to do the firends song. 




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On 2/13/2017 at 10:18 AM, Why am I Mr. Pink? said:

Melo is not an NBA player and not the same Melo from his freshman season but he is a top 5 all time player for this school 

This argument has gotten stale, and nowhere did I say Melo was 40th best player in UMD history. But it seems others are trying to change history.


What I believe is going on is two-fold. First, Melo made such a splash his Freshman year, that many people just keep remembering that when the fact is that his numbers have stayed static, or are actually worse. Second, he is the now thing. I've been following the Terps since Lefty came to town. I still remember many of the greats.


Melo is shooting 43%, 36% from 3, and has an assist-to-turnover ratio of almost 4-3, which is abysmal for a guy running so much of an offense. 


Look, I believe that Melo is a Terp great, maybe top 25 or so, but to call him an "all-time, top 5 player"? Sorry, can't buy that. Those numbers should tell you so also.


I am now officially done with this discussion. 


Lets go Terps. AT LEAST 3 of the last 4, minimum. 25 wins going into the B1G tournament would be big.

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4 hours ago, Long n Left said:

I think you're right. Unfortunately, this team has that one and done look about it now. Losing Cekovsky was a huge blow.


Hope I'm wrong.

I was hoping maybe we could get back to the sweet 16 and there is still a chance. But if this team has an off night like last night, they could lose to anyone.


Ugly box score last night for the terps sans Bender. We just missed too many 3 pts last night (26% from 3). Id like to see Huerter and Jackson getting spot up 3 attempts. Huerter is taking 3s off the dribble. Cowan's shot is just to slow and deliberate for a maybe 6' guy and he continues to drive and leave his feet without knowing exactly where he wants to go w the ball. Morsell coming in next year will give us a ball handler with length at 6'4". 


We had some good movement last night, great looks inside just couldnt make a jump shot. 


Akem Springs is automatic. At 6'4", he might be a late 2nd round pick, if he can play D. 




Morsell said that he knows Cowan from the Washington AAU circuit and connected with another player who recently committed to the Terps, Bruno Fernando, a 6-10, 225-pound forward from Angola currently playing at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla.

Morsell is also close to Mount Saint Joseph teammate Jalen Smith, a five-star forward and a top-25 player in the Class of 2018 who plans on playing at Maryland. Though Smith, a junior, has yet to commit, he said Wednesday that nothing has changed.

Asked if he is going to start to help recruit Smith, Morsell said with a smile, “Sticks [Smith's nickname] already knows. He’s next.”



Future looks bright. That 2018 class could be top 5 or 10. 

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3 hours ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

It's time to start walking back how much I love watching this team play.  The mojo is gone and I can't see Turg rekindling it at this point.

I still like watching this team play. Keep in mind they have 3 freshmen starting, and a center who has all the tools but no game awareness.


Dodd has been the biggest disappointment to me this year. Senior year, 6' 11" with plus athleticism, guy should be a walking double-double. Unfortunately, his game has zero tough, and he gets out rebounded by guys 5 inches shorter than him.


Not having a healthy Cekovsky has really hurt this team, but I still dig Huerter's floor game, and Jackson has a huge ceiling. If Turgeon can recruit a couple more talented bigs, and maybe one more shooter, this team could be something in a couple years.

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27 minutes ago, BatteredFanSyndrome said:

I can't disagree on Dodd, it seems he picks and chooses when to be tough, and doesn't choose it enough.


I still like watching them play, it's just the winning mojo appears to be gone. The same games they pulled out wins earlier in the season they are now losing.

Schedule got a lot tougher this last month.

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Absolute MUST win game tonight.


Iowa and MSU at Xfinity, with a trip to Rutgers sandwiched in between. The bad loss to Minny makes these three games very important for NCAA seeding. Losing one or two, and going out early in the B1G tourney, and the Terps probably get no better than an 8 seed, which is a death-knell. Would face a 1 seed if they're lucky enough to win the opener.


In reality, I believe this team exceeded my, and most others, expectations this season. Gotta hope Morsell and Bruno (especially) are the real deal next year, and that Thomas, Tomaic and Cekovsky are all ready to contribute next season. Then, we may see some truly sweet ball being played in College Park.

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Just an atrocious game last night. Worst of the season in my estimation. Instead of gelling, this team seems to be coming apart.


I've said enough on Melo to not need to rip him anymore, but, my goodness, there is ZERO inside game on this team. Dodd is a walking foul who tries to block every shot, only to get completely out of position to rebound, and Bender and Gill are both HUGE defensive liabilities. 


Jackson's game is in stall mode...he needs to get tougher in order to fight inside, and Cowan and Brantley need to work harder to stay in front of their guys because they're not getting any help from their inside players.


Defense has been abysmal last two games, and that's what Turgeon prides himself on. I was almost yelling at the TV last night to try switching to zones and/or press, but the press came way too late. Don't understand why Turgeon has an aversion to an up tempo game, as with this team (small, and with guards who like to attack the rim) you'd think that would play to their strengths. But watching Iowa get easy baskets after MD makes because guys aren't hustling down court makes me wonder. 


Lazy ass game from the Terps last night, and it is evident to me that Huerter is clearly their best all around player. This team lacks leadership...maybe Huerter can assume that mantle, cause the guy who should be leading can't.

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