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4 minutes ago, Long n Left said:

Soccer is different from soccer?

College soccer is.

You get unlimited substitutions, and players can re-enter a game.

4 minutes ago, pjfootballer said:

I don't know. Bruce Arena was the coach at Virginia and was able to coach the U-23 NT for a while.

Arena also coached in MLS for 3 seasons before taking the US job.


If it were to happen, Cirovski would have to do what Caleb Porter did, and step up and coach the professionals. Porter was dominant at Akron a few years ago and is now Portland Timbers coach.

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Not sure why they "penalized" us with a 10 second run off at the end of the half.  It was offsides on Purdue.  They should have been penalized 5 yards and the clock stopped.  If the penalty was on us for illegal procedure, they could enforce the 10 second run off, but we had a timeout.  Made ZERO sense to me. 

I still hate Perry Hills.  He still sucks.  Still takes stupid sacks and losses.  Did I mention I still hate Perry Hills?

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