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^^Horrid news out of College Park I saw yesterday. Seemed like a class kid, just beginning his life. Crushed for his family and friends. Mega prayers for them.


Blocking for God’s squad now. RIP.

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12 hours ago, BRAVEONAWARPATH said:

I may have told this story before but when I was in high school, we scrimmaged Suitland in '97 which was Lamont Jordan's senior year. Our starting OLB was hurt and I was filling in with only one practice ever at that position. I had never seen anything like that cat before in my life. Lamont was two years older than me, outweighed me by about 30 pounds, and ran the 40 in (just estimating by what I saw on the field) about 3.7 seconds.


So anyway I'm thinking "This dude is absolutely going to run me over if he comes to my side. Please, please, please don't come to my side. Please!!" Sure enough, the first play was a pitch right at me. No lead blocker... just me and Lamont in the open field. Well, he didn't run me over. I ****ing SMASHED Lamont Jordan!! Greatest tackle of my life.


edit: Ok, I didn't "smash" him per se. I did tackle him though.


edit: That wasn't entirely true either. I didn't technically "tackle" him. Not in the traditional sense of the word anyway. He did NOT run me over though!


edit: He ran around me... pretty fast. Didn't get a finger on him. Not even close. But he didn't run me over.


edit: I made a tackle in the following week's scrimmage though. **** you South Hagerstown High School!!

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