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7/27: Redskins Make Roster Moves

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Move 1 - they dump Brandon Jenkins - then sign Everett Brown. (LB). Not a big upgrade and not a ST type so go figure. I get maybe sending a message about guys not looking great in practice (though he did have a good one the 27th per Kiem). But - they already got a pile of LBs to choose from; how about another position to beef up at? Do they really need someone to come in and compete for a spot that they probably aren't gonna get anyway?


Maybe somebody is more dinged up then they are advertising.


links for Jenkins: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/07/27/redskins-cut-the-cord-on-2013-draft-pick-brandon-jenkins/



Move 2 - Hurt off the non-Football injury list. Still not on the turf yet. Saturday will be telling.

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Move 1 - they dump Brandon Jenkins - then sign Everett Brown. (LB). Not a big upgrade and not a ST type so go figure.





Hail Johns - Based on this article he has spent a ton of time on STs.  http://www.redskins.com/news-and-events/article-1/Everette-Brown-I-Get-To-Use-All-Of-My-Tools-/73206ffc-ebbd-4f6c-91f2-79137ecf0cdb


Quote:  With the Redskins looking for competitive depth on both defense and special teams, Brown – who has seven career sacks and has spent significant time on special teams units – was a player head coach Jay Gruden and President and general manager Bruce Allen wanted in Richmond.


I think that's your answer why he is here. I agree Jenkins was either more dinged up than we thought, or he was nailing to play STs, or both. Sounds like this guy has some passion. Hope he makes it, especially if he can contribute to STs. Looks like good depth. 

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Could not agree more. I think for anyone not a key starter, it will be just about mandatory.


Is it me, or does it seem the media has more access to the players this year? Under MS it seems the team was very tight lipped. Not saying one is better or worse other than the palyers in general seem much more upbeat. I know that's kinda normal for this time of year, but they seem to have an extra bounce in thier step.   Probably making something out of nothing out of desperation.



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Plug in the name of about any new coach and you typically get that kind of overall reaction. Not to downplay anything that has been done so far or that will be done in the future, just saying. Especially after an especially bad season.


Remember Zorn in 2008? A lot of high emotions through camp that carried over to the beginning of the season. The media nearly resided with the team during training camp.


Although, I don't ever remember quite as much negativity being expressed concerning a past regime as I've heard from inside this team in reference to MS. How often to you get grumblings from players and the staff over a dude who is gone and not coming back anyway?

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