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Favorite Live Album


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Boy that's a hard one....

Can't have this discussion without Jimmy Buffet's "You Had To Be There"


U2 "Under a Blood Red Sky" - that might have been on my list because I saw them on that tour or the one right after it, and it was one of the all time best concerts I've seen.

and SKINSFAN44 had to go and mention "All The Worlds A Stage" which was the only tape in my car for all of my Junior year of High School, muddying the waters further.

Sure glad the isn't a question I really have to answer!

My first concert was KISS in 1978, which makes ALIVE! a hard one to leave off the list too...

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Hi Riggo-toni,

You must have misread my posts. I mentioned two live albums - Little Feat's "Waiting for Columbus" - some of which was recorded here in D.C. at GW's Lisner Auditorium, and the BoDean's "Joe Dirt Car." "Who's Next" was not characterized as a live album. No big deal, but I just wanted to clear that up so I don't come across as a rock 'n roll doofus. I defy anyone to listen to Who's Next and not agree that Keith Moon was the greatest rock and roll drummer who ever lived.


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