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DeAngelo Hall Returns For Another Playoff Run

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When he mentions the veterans on the defense it sure sounds like we're not that far off. Our young DB's will surely improve in the scheme, especially with Clark around, since he knows the scheme inside and out. I'm expecting Thomas and Amerson to make a real contributions this year, as well as Rambo, who seemed lost last year.

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@go - we need the pre-season to start, I am running out of words about the unknown. I am very positive about the changes but with a great deal of caution after last year. Give us a topic and maybe when get it cranked up.



I posted what I thought the final 53 would look like. Only Canada responded. I know it's a slow time of year. But as a life long redskins fan like the rest of us here, the last 20 yrs this has been most fun part of the year. I really don;t think it's going to be that way this year. I really can;t wait for the games to start!


Here is my positional breakdown based on nothing but hunches and guesses on my part - so real scientific!  Let me know your thoughts:


While I like our roster better now than last year, it's clear we still have holes and unanswered questions. Hopefully the answers are already in camp. For no other reason than I am bored, here is my positional breakdown. It's more general right now but here goes:


QB - Set for better or worse. We will roll with the guys we have. I wish RGIII the very best and my gut tells me he is gonig to be very good if not great. But if we are being honest we really don't know for sure. Do we get 2012 Robert or 2013 Robert? Hopefully it's the best of both. I think it's Cousins or McCoy. I just don't see us carrying both. But I could be wrong.


Oline - Left side is set with TW and Lavarao. C - I would love for McGlynn to push KL but it looks its KLs to lose. Not sure I like it. He sucked every time I saw him play. But they are the professionals. Until I see him play, have to take their word for it he can play the position. Chester and Polumbus need to be pushed hard if not replaced on the right side. If not, we have no good future in terms of line. Moses, Long, Gettis, Leribius, there has to be some better talent there.


RB - Set - Best position on the team. I think we keep 4 - AM, Helu - Royster and Seastrunk. I think Thompson may just be gone. He and Seastrunk are the same player but Thompson has been seriously injured already. If he makes it Royster is gone.


TE - Discussed above. Like Reed and Paulson, after that we have no one. I think the rookie makes it.


WR - Set - seriously set. Some hard decisions. I think it ends up being - Garson, DJax, Roberts, Moss, Grant, Cody Hoffman. Hank starts on PUP.



Dline - Set - Only real question in my mind is who gets more playting time. I think there will be a high level of rotation to account for the faster offenses. I see something like Hatcher, Coefield, Baker as starters with Geathers, Nield, and Golston as Backups.


OLB - Set, seriously set, seriously seriously set: FOR THIS YEAR. This position could get a bit crazy after this year. Rak and kerrigan are going to both want contracts. Not sure we can keep both and then pay Robert and AM too. But for now, we have starters and good depth. Of course Rak and Ker are starters - Backups most likely are Trent Murphy, Rob Jackson, maybe Bernstein.


ILB - Not great - Riley only lock to start. other starter come from Akeem Jordan, Keenan Robinson, Brandon Jenkins. Whoever doesn't start are the 2s.


S - OK for a year - Clark and Merriweather are starters. But Rambo and Thompson have to push for starting time this year or it becomes a major weakness, yet again. Sharpton may play into this. Could be 5th S if we keep 5 Ss and 4 DBs. 


DB - Set but shaky. Amerson, Hall starters. Porter is a backup - After that it gets really murky. We have Crawford, Breeland, Minnefield, Biggers all for probably 1 spot, maybe 2. tough decisions ahead.


LS - Albright hits the road. We use KL or the backup center as the LS. Saves a roster spot.

P - Unless Hocker stays to punt and do KOs with Forbath doing <40 yd FGs, I have no frikking idea! Not sure the player is on the roster yet. Who knows. really, I have no clue here.

K - Sorry Canada, Forbath is gone unless Hocker is P. You don't draft a kicker unless you plan to have him make your team. He is really going to have to suck to not make it.


OK, there you have it. Start picking it apart. It's why I did it. Stir some conversation.

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Where is everyone???   I know the players are off season but you guys aren't supposed to leave.


We will be better on Def if for no other reason we can't be much worse.

I'm here but honestly can't beat a dead horse. This is like mental ping pong trying to get myself activated without something new from the team. Oh, I got one....Anybody going to Camp?

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@go - we need the pre-season to start, I am running out of words about the unknown. I am very positive about the changes but with a great deal of caution after last year. Give us a topic and maybe when get it cranked up.

Even the guys over at HogsHaven are either withholding info or they got nothing...nothing! We need training camp battles or  at least news that Tony ''Uhoh'' has stubbed his toe and will miss TC.

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