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Rule 10 & You. Yes, YOU. :-)

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Hi there. :)


Been noticing a LOT of you seem to think this doesn't apply over here in ATN. It does. Please start following it so you don't loose your posting privileges.


To review (biggest issue in red):



10. Adhere to ES policies on using headlines/content from other websites to start a new thread or to add to an existing thread. 
When posting anything concerning news articles from outside sources or using any website as part of the topic please include a direct link (i.e., URL) to the original page/site. Paste the URL directly atop the post, above a small portion of the article's text (for example, the lead paragraph or a particular sentence or two). Such a practice provides credibility and attribution to the source of the information, and allows visitors the option to visit the respective websites. You are responsible for the content you post.

If you are posting a published article from a news source, please title your thread in the following format: "SOURCE SHORTFORM: HEADLINE" (Ex. WP: Redskins Name Mike Shanahan New Head Coach). If the source is a blog or a chain e-mail, put "blog" or "chain e-mail" at the beginning of the thread title.

Please see our
 copyright statement.

If you're adding content from any website to an existing thread, do not post large sections of that content. Just post the link and a brief section that is relevant to the point the content is intended to support.


Thanks in advance. 

















PS - **** the cowboys! :)


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