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Post-Gibbs Skins = Post Big E/Unseld Bullets?


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Back when I was a kid, just before Gibbs pulled into town, the perennial DC contender was the Bullets. Went to the finals 4 times, winning once. Went to the playoffs EVERY year Unseld was their center except his last. Then Hayes, Unseld, and Dandridge were gone. Pollin spent $$, shuffled coaches and GMs, made offseason splashes, and eventually even hired the biggest name in B-ball (Jordan) to try and revitalize a once great franchise.... And yet they continue to suck and are the joke of the NBA.

I stopped watching B-ball after high school, but I can't help but worry that perhaps our beloved Skins are destined for the same type of oblivion. I like Snyder's desire to win at all costs, especially compared to the Squire's milque-toasty son, but I'm getting more and more worried we will never escape the curse of mediocrity. :( :( Will we forever be left with nothing but memories of past conquests, like a Brit growing up in the shadow of a faded empire....

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Just hearing that comparison almost made me cry. Although, every team in the area seems to have the same problems: bringing in new coaches and high priced players every year and not leaving the team intact for as long as necessary to build a winning franchise. Stackhouse, Jagr, Belle, etc.

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