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Washington Redskins Morning Clips: 6/30

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OK - maybe the rest of the writers are on vacation -


Czarda talks about maybe two kickers on the 52 man roster.

It's a 53 man roster dude. And then a 46 man game day roster selected from those 53. I suppose if you are going to use two kickers to do the job of one then it may as well be a 52 man roster. It's hard enough squeezing in all the guys you want on both rosters so burning one on an extra kicker doesn't make any sense. There can be only one.

It's like picking a woman - sure, you'll probably pick the wrong one; just keep the other one's phone number handy just in case.


Anyway, the link to the guys (yeah, actually two - not one like he says) who actually talk about the 'maybe' of two kickers is: http://www.csnwashington.com/redskinsblog/30-questions-will-redskins-carry-two-kickers


Alright - a somewhat more productive link: http://www.csnwashington.com/redskinsblog/redskins-depth-chart-analysis-guard

Somewhat. A little confusing as Kory isn't mentioned & McGlynn is but more as an afterthought but I guess they are considering them as Centers only and not Guards. I don't think you can really divide up the Skins interior line into Centers & Guards. They don't really have a dedicated C & both of these guys play G.


So it looks like their thought might be that the Skins will only keep three or four Guards and 6 total interior linemen. And those are (at the moment);  Lauvao, Chester, Long plus McGlynn and then one of either Gettis or LeRibeus. And finally Kory at Center.

There was also a proposed theory that they would keep Compton and dump both Gettis & LeRibeus, making 5 interior linemen. I hope not. If either McGlynn or Kory go down you lose a C and a G. Leaves you with one backup Guard.


Realistically - 6 interior guys. Who's in -  Lauvao, Long, Kory, McGlynn. Plus two. And Hurt hasn't been mentioned but he does have more playing time than Long & Gettis & LeRibeus - combined. Plus the size Jay covets; don't count him out too soon.


Chester - good in pass protection in 2012 - bad in 2013 and never really good in run support. Jay wants to run the ball more - book that. Don't know why the pundits have him as a starter but I think he is on the bubble as a backup. And I might just shoot the next clown that says, 'Chester & Tyler on the same side works'.


LeRibeus - love to see him make it, even as a backup. So far - he has looked good. We've been here before...


Gettis - because he also plays center(?) - OK, if you say so. Same size as Chester BTW. That worked out pretty well.


Hurt - that's the guy they called when LeRibeus & Gettis couldn't do squat. IDK if that automatically ranks him below those two all of a sudden. More like if you keep one of those two - you might need some insurance. Like Hurt or Chester. And Chester is a lot of money to just sit on the bench.

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I would be surprised if Hurt makes the 53. He lacks the athleticism to consistently make plays in space. He also lacks the recognition skills to sniff out stunts and blitzes and he has a tendency to lunge in pass protection.  He's lasted longer than most 7th round picks, he should be happy with that.



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