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Mortenson Says Skins To Sign Darrell Russell

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Yep and gardener is such a model citizen after getting paid by the broncs and has been an asset for the team... oh wait this has to be put in a time capsule for hopefullly the 2k4 season :rolleyes:

Well the other headcase from the raiduhs upshaw will have competition for overrated lineman

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well, Dave I doubt the Skins are going to give Russell a $30 million contract :laugh:

I am sure this will be one of those 'try me out' type deals for the balance of 2003.

what are the chances that Russell comes in here, contributes and becomes a solid citizen for a number of seasons?

probably 25%.

but right now we are almost 100% sure the players we have their now can't do the job for an extended period.

and at 3-4 this club is not yet Super Bowl material so what is the harm in giving Russell a shot?

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With a proper draft and coreect free agent moves in 2k4 hopefully we wont have this type of desperation moves to think about in the future.

Fans have to make it known that we dont need a effin splash on draft day (skill player on offense) and draft some goddarn linemen

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UH, those charges were dropped, and since they had videotape of the incident, it must be assumed that prosecutors noticed her moaning and groaning rather than being unconscious as according to her testimony.

As he's not convicted, can you call him a rapist, when charges were DROPPED?

AS for his football abilities--he always had them but he rarely lived up to potential.

Maybe he's trying to redeem himself? who knows.

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