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The Uber Debate

Spaceman Spiff

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Uber just came to Austin. Never used it until this past weeked.

I thought it was all silly hype. Nope. It's amazing.

Fast. Simple. The way you can easily split your fare instantly via the app with anyone in your car is insane. No money and cards. Everything is via the app.

The only downside - we had to tell the driver how to get every place we went. Most drivers seemed pretty clueless.

Really impressed overall.

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I had never used Über or Lyft until I went to Nashville last weekend. I usually cab around a lot on weekends, just because my friends and I usually have a few beverages when we go out.

My experience was just like yours Duckus. I am hooked. For such a big city, cabs in Nashville are awful. They take forever for a pickup and they are expensive. It seems like they always have a "short cut" that ends up taking longer.

We used Lyft for the most part all weekend, and there was always a car within five minutes, the drivers were very friendly, and it cost about half what it did for a regular cab. But we did have to tell them how to get where we were going quite a bit. That was fine with me, the experience was a lot better and less expensive.

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How is it unfair that Taxi companies pay for a license?  If Uber and other hired car services like it exist, the current Taxi services are not stopped from changing their business model.  The worry is obvious that the Taxi services fear the removal of their government-supported rent opportunity while the state is worried only about losing this power.

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