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Official Redskins vs. Bye Week Thread


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1st and 10: John Doe runs 37 yards to Washington 44.

1st and 10: Joe Somebody passes to Michael Whatizname for 21 yards to the Washington 23. Blown coverage by Jimoh (tying shoelaces)

1st and 10: John Doe runs for a loss of 2 yards. (PERSONAL FOUL #56 Washington 15 YARDS LATE HIT)

1st and Goal: Joe Somebody passes to Jimmy Noname for 8 yards TD.

Wow the Bye Weeks are really looking good, super bowl contenders.

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Ramsey is down, newly signed Danny Wuerffel comes in and leads the Redskins to a fourth quarter TD, but the team loses 20-17 after a valiant effort. Spurrier indicates that Wuerffel did 'some nice things out there' and won't commit himself to who the starting QB is going to be for the Dallas game :)

Oops. That was the script in 2002, sorry I was a page behind for 2003 :laugh: :evil:

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Spurrier in the post game press conference said

We're gonna play Danny Wuerfuel next week against the Cowboys, Patrick didn't play that poorly. We feel Danny gives up the best chance to win. We'll have to work on some things in practice this week and see what happens.
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