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Originally posted by stratoman

hope no one is offended(:


Sorry, strat. Gonna play wet blanket on this one. Like we keep saying ... Maxim rules. Please.

Thanks for the mammaries, though.

-- Om

not a problem. I tried to paste the link put it was the wrong path. Going forward were it's some of the mature(not porn) is it ok to post the link?:cheers:

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Originally posted by stratoman

I was talking about a link and I have seen more questional thinks on the daily babe then one boob shot. ?:?

In your careful scrutiny of the Babe thread, Strat, did you also see DH's latest post noting the trend toward less and less self-censorship displayed there lately, and the pointed request to keep it this side of pornographic?

This is not new ground we're covering here. We don't step in very often on this stuff, because frankly nobody here likes to play nursemaid or stick-in-the-mud, and because generally people seem to understand the balance we're striving for and respect the room enough to not make us have to decide if the line has been crossed.

Again, and for future reference, when I come across a pic or post on any thread that causes me to stop and have to decide if it's crossed the line or not, I am generally going to err on the side of caution and tend toward deleting it.

I'd like to think most everyone here has a pretty good sense of where the line is by now. All we have ever asked, and all I ask now, is that posters try to see the bigger picture here, and exercise some self-restraint on the rated "R" and beyond stuff.

Everyone's cooperation is much appreciated.

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