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Terry Schiavo case. Opinions?


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Originally posted by Kilmer17

Since she did not, the husband has legal guardianship.

That I don't know because each state has different laws. The thing that hurts his case is he has no proof of her saying that, and her family wants her alive.

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Originally posted by Kilmer17

But isnt he her family? Someone correct me if I am wrong, but doesnt the spouse hold legal guardianship above the parents?

I don't know how it works in florida, but I believe in some states the parents have the edge, don't know.

What is interesting is why are the parents differing then the husband?? I know in my family if it was my wife her parents and I are on the same page. I am wondering if there is more to this or not? It is a sad situation though.

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Originally posted by Kilmer17

The husband has the legal right to make the call. Gov Bush and the Leg have gone WAAAAYYYYYYYY overboard.

I totally agree. This is a classic case of abuse of government power, and all the moralizing in the world won't justify it.
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Guys do you know ANYTHING about this case?

The priest who came to see her nearly every day was DENIED the chance to give her last communion. She can MOVE, therapists have said they CAN teach her to feed herself.


It is possible her stroke was caused by strangulation.

Her husband is murdering her, plain and simple.

This is not unplugging someone who cannot survive without a machine. She is STARVING to death--she CAN survive without machines.

WHy would any GOOD and honorable man deny her parents access? Why would any good and honorable man deny the priest who she recognizes a last visit?

It's murder guys, and the husband probably strangled her in the first place. And no man who is carrying out his wife's wishes would be so cold as to deny her visitation from friends and family in her final days.

Oh, BTW, there was a history of abuse in this marriage. Her injuries are not inconsistent with being strangled(or something similar) causing the stroke(or whatever it was.) Once again, there was ABUSE IN THE MARRIAGE. We have NO WILL where she says anything about being starved to death.

The husband is an evil prick. Get to know the case before you judge the parents or the State on this one.

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Total baseless allegations. She was NOT strangled.

A machine is feeding her. That means a machine is keeping her alive.

Doctors have determined that she will NEVER come out of the vegetable state. She will NEVER be able to feed herself. She TOLD her husband she didnt want to live on machines. It's HIS decision as the legal guardian.

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If this guy wants to move on with his life....which is very reasonable considering it's been 13 years, why not get a divorce and leave her in the hands of her family?

perhaps because then he loses out on life insurance money?

he doesn't have to make sure she's dead to move on.

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She told him, despite the fact that we don't know this for sure and he's denying her parents visitation. And her priest.

Sounds like a decent guy. Oh and there was some abuse in this relationship. I know Florida doesn't require this be in a will but please.

Oh yeah, he's living with some other woman, has a kid and one on the way.

Kilmer, you're wrong on this dude--plain as that.

How about every time a person tries to murder someone else and it fails, we just let them say "oh, they TOLD me to take them off machines"

As for being fed by machines, that does not make you a comatose patient. It just means you can't feed yourself. Ronald Reagan no longer can feed himself, I guess we should give Nancy the go-ahead to end his life AND DENY HIS KIDS VISITATION in his last moments. ANd his priest.

Get the F outta here. The man and his lawyers are evil. It's not that I think someone should not have the right to put a request to be allowed to die in their will, but this case is shady.

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Big zak

EXACTLY. Divorce her and move on, if that's his deal. I'm sure he'll say "but this is what she wanted." To not have her parents be allowed to see her? LOL I'm sure she wanted that. To have him get whatever life insurance she has, despite his behavior and while he's got a new family that he has to help provide for?! Sure.

BTW, Kilmer have you seen video of the woman? She can track movements and looks at people and apparently recognizes regular visitors to some degree(esp this priest dude)

If she's no better in terms of awareness and self-sufficiency than a newborn and her husband is allowed to kill her, can we now kill all newborns and mentally disabled?

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Ghost, you are completely and totally wrong.

There is no life insurance money. He gains nothing. The woman he loves asked him not to keep her alive on machines. There was NO abuse in the relationship. There was never an accusation of abuse until the courts ruled her tube removed.

He did not deny her parents visitation until they violated the court order forbidding videotaping her. Why? Because the video shows reflexive actions that DOCTORS say are not responsive, but reflexive.

Yes, he has a fiance and a child. So what? He's been fighting for her last wishes for 13 years. He met this woman less than 5 ago. That fact has ZERO bearing on this case except an attempt to smear him.

As for Reagan, if he told Nancy not to feed him, she should abide by those wishes.

Lost in this whole ordeal and smear campaign is the fact that the FLA LEG and Gov have decided that they can create new law to overturn previous court rulings. Essentially removing any power the courts have and destroying the checks and balances system. If they wanted to make a new law, it should apply to future cases ONLY, not to past decisions.

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Terri's Father Says She

Responded To His Kiss!



PINELLAS PARK, Florida (CNN) -- The father who has fought for more than five years to keep his brain-damaged daughter alive said when he visited her Thursday, she turned down his kisses, saying, "Uh-uh."

"I was in front of her and I'm kissing her on the cheek, and she doesn't like that," said a smiling Bob Schindler after visiting his 39-year-old daughter Terri Schiavo.

He said he then asked, "'Do you want me to kiss you again?' She goes, 'Uh-uh. Uh-uh.' That's what I got from her."

Terri Schiavo's brain was damaged in 1990 when she collapsed from heart failure, the result of doctors' misdiagnosis. She recovered from the heart attack, but oxygen was cut off to her brain, leaving her in what doctors call a "persistent vegetative state."

Eight years later, her husband and legal guardian, Michael Schiavo, filed a court petition to remove his wife's feeding tube as he claims his wife wanted, according to the St. Petersburg Times. The woman did not have a will.

Terri Schiavo's family fought the move, maintaining that their daughter responds to them and should be kept alive with a feeding tube.

Schindler said Wednesday his daughter is "alert, active, a live human being" and said videotapes that showed her condition moved Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to act on her behalf.

Michael Schiavo claims Terri did not want to be kept alive artificially. Doctors said last week she would have died within two weeks without the feeding tube.

A court seemingly ended the five-year legal battle when it ordered the tube removed last week. But the state legislature quickly passed a law giving the governor the right to intervene, which he did Tuesday. The feeding tube was reinserted Wednesday.

Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, said the law allowing Bush to order her feeding tube reinserted is unconstitutional. His attorneys asked a circuit court judge in Pinellas County Tuesday to grant an emergency injunction preventing the re-feeding of his wife.

The judge rejected the request, but gave attorneys five days to file paperwork for a permanent injunction.

"Each of us -- and the Florida Supreme Court has said this -- has a right to control our own body," Felos said. "We have a fundamental right to make our own medical treatment choices, and the state doesn't have a right to override our wishes."

Michael Schiavo has not allowed the family to see Terri Schiavo's medical reports, (there are reports that physical abuse was involved) but Wednesday he allowed them to visit her.

Schindler said when he saw his daughter Wednesday night she looked withdrawn, but "today it's just the opposite."

He said his daughter looked a little weak from not having food for a week, but "other than that, she really looks good, I mean, too good.

"She looks like she did before this incident with the tube," he said, adding that the family is trying to get access to medical reports on her current condition.

Asked if the husband may finally give in to the family's demands and just walk away from the entire case, Schindler said he was unaware of any such possibility, but would definitely welcome it.

"Michael Schiavo is not our primary concern," the father said. "It's to see her back to the condition she should be in."

Independent guardian to be appointed

A Pinellas County Circuit Court judge this week ordered lawyers for both sides to agree within five days on an independent guardian for Terri, as required under the law signed by the governor.

The new guardian would become Terri Schiavo's advocate in legal proceedings, but Michael Schiavo would remain the decision-maker.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the judge said he will appoint Dr. Jay Wolfson, a professor of health and law at Stetson University, as the guardian. Wolfson also works for the College of Public Health at Florida State University and the College of Medicine at the University of South Florida.

Terri Schiavo's parents have accused their son-in-law of selfish motivations. Michael Schiavo -- who has a girlfriend with whom he has a child -- won $1.2 million in a malpractice case against his wife's gynecologist and another $250,000 in a settlement with her general practitioner. Most of that money was to go toward her treatment.

In addition, he received $300,000 for pain and suffering and loss of consortium.

Michael Schiavo has declined to comment on whether there is an outstanding life insurance policy on his wife.

CNN correspondent John Zarrella contributed to this report.

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Originally posted by Kilmer17

About 5 year jboona.

Ghost, you are wrong. There is an OVERWHELMING amount of doctors who say she will never recover. And that her state is reflexive.

Personally if it was me I wouldn't want to be a vegetable, that is not way to live at all.

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