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Everybody is scutanizing my boys. From Spurrier to Snyder, the media is in our a$$. I feel like we're the Raiders or something. Everybody out there wants us to fail. Some of us actually agree with them. I myself wanted Spurrier to leave, but if he gains his confidence back, and just have us paying some good football atleast, I'm in his corner. But who the hell gave these people the balls to critize my team. The NY Times, Rome, ESPN, just to name a few talk about us like we aren't sh*t. SWell let me be the first to say kiss my :moon:

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The fact that we are getting hammered in the media may be a good thing. What better point to try and rally a team around.

Everyone thinks you suck, your peers, media, hell even the dog peeing on the firehydrant outside Fedex.

If the coaching staff is smart they will try and use it as motivational material. Kinda us against the world type thing.

Maybe just what the doctoer ordered.

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