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Okay, I don't post very much as you can see from my sweltering .7 posts per day average, but I would like to ask, request, plead for a little consideration when starting a new post.

The reasons I don't post very much are: 1)I don't care what my Avatar is, and 2)if you take the time to read a little before you post you will probably see it has already been covered...ad naseum. These guys are sharp, quick and thorough. I mean, I could add little comments like "I agree" or "What he said" but this is a message board and not a chat room. Point is I read practically this whole board everyday. It has gotten to be like the sunday paper instead of the daily sports page. My work is suffering and it's all your fault.

Seriously, go back two or three pages a look at all the repetetive posts on the same subject. Annoying that you have to go into so many threads to read peoples comment that may be worth reading in so many different places. Half the time, when I do post, I don't remember which thread it was I posted in to go back and see if anyone commented on my comment. It's mayhem I tell you. Plus, I am easily confused.

Here are my tips (that I am sure you will all pay attention to) for starting a new thread.

1) You really don't get any real credit for a scoop. Sure it is nice to be the first one to post the article from the newspaper that a lot of us Redskins homers have probably already read since we tend to read the same things as every other Redskins fan, but chances are, you aren't the first to post it. It's not a race, damnit. I don't go home thinking, "Wow, FunkyShoeSkinFanBoyGirlGansta is the king of the scoop, without him/her posting that article before the ink was dry really made my day and I appreciate him/her so much for it. Plus, your "scoop" and $5.00 will get you a Ultimate cheesburger meal at Jack in the Box with a free Dallas Cowboy antenna ball (In Dallas) .It's really getting bad down here with the antenna balls, time to bust out my big bertha.

2) Read at least through the first, perhaps two, pages to see if the subject has already been started. If you say you don't have time to read through all the posts before you post, then what the heck are you posting for. Hit and run posting because you think you are giving information that may be relative or new. How selfish is that? Are you that arrogant to believe you are that important of a source? When scanning the first to pages, be careful, because you might actually have to open the thread to see what it is about which bring me to number three.

3) Subject line, subject line, subject line...use it. Threads that start "OH MY GAWD", or "have you read this" or some other obscure statement that gives us NO clue as to what might be inside don't help with people posting the exact same thing in ten minutes. Use the subject line to tell us what you are posting. Don't think you have to "hook" us. This is not a virus you are trying to spread. "Anna Pics inside" may get us to open it, but if there ain't Anna pics inside then any respect you had is now lost, and I personaly will never open one of your threads again. And I don't belive I am alone in this sentiment.

4) If you are starting your thread by typing the phrase, "I don't know if this has been posted before..." Stop right there, because it has. Trust me. It HAS BEEN POSTED BEFORE, probably a half a dozen times.

5) Check the date on the article you are commenting on. If the article is 2 days old, go to about page three to find posts regarding that subject, comment in those threads and magically they will be bumped to page one. If the article is one day old, check the bottom of page one into page two. If the Article is more than 30 seconds old, still check the first page because some people here just live for the freakin "scoop".

I love this board, and if you check the top, I am here almost all day every working day. But with the popularity that is "Extreme Skins" it is getting more and more frustrating to try and weed through all the crap for true insight on the skins. Maybe I'm spoiled because the first two years or so on this site it was real easy to follow. But now, man, it's getting hard. You guys are gonna get me fired.

End rant.

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I don't know if anybody else feels the same way as I do but...;)

Good points all Mark....I shall personally take your 'quality over quantity' banner up myself and try and limit my baser urges (not THOSE baser urges...I mean the one that tells me to post incessantly and for no apparent reason). I also think use of that handy-dandy 'search' function can avoid a lot of the redundancy. I liked Om's use of the 'merge' function the other day, although I believe he may well have to quit his day job in order to assume his new duties as 'Vice President of Combining'. 5 seconds after his first 'merging' demo, at least 3 new 'fire Spurrier and this is why' threads popped up.

Btw....I want to commend you for your consistent and 'quality' contributions to the most worthy of all threads....;):cheers:

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"Okay, I don't post very much as you can see from my sweltering

.7 posts per day average"

Yes that might be true but in my mind it's quality and not quantity and I'd venture to say what you post is the absolute most visually stimulating, mammonic provoking material here. So please keep up your posts and we'll all be content.

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Funny, I don't mind this at all. If I find myself reading something I've seen before, I just click on the "back" key.

There is one thing related to this that makes me laugh. The people who post a link to their orginal thread in the repost. :)

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