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The Redskins as a team stats and play was not bad until the second half of the Tampa game where the play has gotten steadily worse the next week. The poor play co-insides with the injuries of Fred Smoot and Dave Foire.

Clearly Baileys play is much better with Smoot on the other side, and has been discussed by Art and others of his importance.

But even though the Skins have made blocking errors, the biggest problem I see has been the lack of running ability since Foire has been out. It has constantly put us in third and long, have teams teeing off on Ramsey. Plus Dockery has made several mistakes that has gotten Ramsey killed.

After the Giants game we had the #1 ranked offense, after Foires been out we have dropped to 17th. I mean nothing else has changed in the offensive philosophy the past 3 weeks except Dockery starting.

Though Foires injury is not all the offensive woes, however I believe that has gotten the ball rolling. Hopefully if Freidman can come in against Dallas and help boaster the running game again, and help limit the OL mistakes to help keep Ramsey upright.....

well who knows.

I am just rambling here.

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I think the loss of Fiore is definitely hurting us big time. Which also makes me question the FO's decision to cut Tre :doh:

Some of the drop in D is attributable to Smooty's absence, but I think more of it is related to DCs realizing how vulnerable our D is to sucker plays.

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Arrington reprimanded several players on the team bus after the Bills game. "Guys are laughing and carrying on like it's nothing" Said LaVar....

Champ Bailey was on another bus from Arrington and said "Everybody has a different way of dealing with things. Not everybody is going to sit around and mope"

Ok,, is it me, or is anyone else getting sick and tired of Mr. Bailey and his mouth? Mr. Bailey, who believes he is worth so much more than 55 million dollars (with a 14.75 mil bonus) that he never even bothered to call the Redskins back to decline, thinking that their ridiculously low offer must have been a joke.

Mr Bailey, who has given up more TD in the last two weeks to NOBODIES than he has over the last two years to some of the best wideouts in the game.

Mr Bailey, who now rather than take a leadership role on a team that desperately needs one, decides that if guys want to laugh and carry on like schoolkids after getting their asses handed to them by the hapless Buffalo Bills, then hey, that's fine by him. The same Mr. Bailey who won't say a single negative thing about anyone on the defense HE should be LEADING, A defense who had just finished getting 167 rushing yards shoved down their throats by a team that hadn't rushed for more than 50 yards in the entire month of October.... he has nothing to say except "Some guys deal with things differntly, and not everyone is going to sit around and mope.

I guess he's right. What the hell does HE have to mope about?

Bailey's entire attitude this year has me ready to puke.

Here's a suggestion Champ. I mean, I understand you're a pro cornerback and all, and considered one of the best, but here's a tip i think you can use.


Then after the season, collect your franchise tag, go suck up to some team to pony up the 2 firsts, and GET THE @#@#%$ OUT OF HERE.

Ever since the FO "dissed" him by offering him a gigantic vault full of money, he has been acting like a whiny little BlTCH and has been playing like one, too. I don't care if he shut down Peerless Price,, we're seeing anyone ith two legs can pretty much do that. Who cares if he shut down Curtis Conway, a man since delegated to the bench. Who cares if the Eagles WRs did nothing,, clue,, they're doing nothing vs anyone.

Oh, but the Bucs WRs,,, and the Bucs 3rde string TE,,, and thev Bills Josh Reed... now those are some guys headed for the hall of fame,, provided Bailey lines up in a zone opposite them.. when it's time to catch the pass, they won't have to worry about being open, or having to fight for the ball, or any of the other things they do poorly enough to make them third string.... no worries there... odds are Bailey saw a simple little play action fake, and will run over to see what all the hoo-ha is about in the middle of the field, and they will be as wide open as all of them have been over the last two weeks.

Imagine. I'm Josh reed. I am hardly a receiver of note in the NFL,, and all I want for Christmas is to play Champ Bailey every week so I can go to the hall of fame.

Yeesh. Enough to make me sick, it is.


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