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The Way I see it, 5-5 is the key......


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Starting out a pessimist..

5-5 are you kidding me?

were gonna be dogs in at least 3 straight and deserve to be.. 3-7

Switch to homer mode and 5-5 is quite possible.. Dallas is a dog fight.. well need to have a full 60 minute game to pull out a 1 point victory given our history, but its possible.. we own the panthers.. and seattle.. um didnt the skins stomp them last year?


2-1 is possible as is 1-2// 3-0 or 0-3 maddening to contemplate..


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Hope springs eternal!

If skins make it to 5-5 there is a god.. if the skins make it to 6-4 not only is there a god but god is a skins fan :laugh:

Is there a point to this? Originally there was but the alcohol took over and I forgot what it was.. All Im left with is the classic..

"hope springs eternal"


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