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Cutting the Cable cord

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Just now, NoCalMike said:


Yep, the cost of the internet to even get access to the streaming in the services is on the rise as well, especially for families where 3-4+ will be streaming at the same time.  Not to mention ISPs also becoming owners of the content itself too and wanting the right to throttle the speed of competing services.  it is going to get worse.

I have Xfinity and it costs me $104 a month for 40MB up and 1gb down.  No specials.  That feels reasonable.  

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Alright, so PSVue is stopping streaming services on January 30th which means I've got to figure out an alternative.  And it's probably a good thing because I've been thinking about switching for awhile, just too lazy to do it so this is forcing my hand.  Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling, there's ****ing AT&T...I mean, I dunno what to get.


What do you guys like lately?

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Hulu live TV is pretty good. They just raised their rates by $10 a month tho so I canceled my sub. Runs out at the end of the month. Probably going to try YouTube TV or just stick with using a HD antenna. 


Definitely interested in reading some of y'alls recommendations as well.

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I tried so hard to get away from my ways, but Cox finally broke me. 


Talking bout to get out my TV service agreement I had to mail them back the cable box and wait for a new one before I could get cable again with less channels. 


If that's your way out of scaring me out of lowering my bill you bout to see a whole lotta encrypted internet traffic instead.


It just doesn't make sense with all my teams at home and only wanting the science channel anyway, they acting like we need them because we told to stay at home, no I don't.

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