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Gruden Seeking Players With 'Passion'

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i agree we can't miss on any of them ,free agency either ,we need to fill these holes on the team  bigger  olinemen,wr ,ss, cb, ilb, olb ,dline and punter .we just can't be patient and wait 4-5 years again" the future is now" to quote coach allen!!!

Really anxious to see what happens in free agency. I believe alot of money will be spent resigning our own FA's plus bringing in some of our needs through Free agency with hopefully Olinemen first. The fact that we don't have a 1st round draft pick means we should be able to sign the other picks for $4-5 million. I wouldn't be too surprised if they get a wr through FA but I hope we draft someone and look to fill other needs instead.

We can not afford to miss on any of our picks. We can also not afford to draft guys just to have them sit on the bench. If Gruden doesn't think they can play right away then don't draft them.



Don't have any idea what the coaches are thinking but I think it's a new era and Shanahan's ways are gone.

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