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Wanted: Fantastic Season Tickets


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I've been a season ticket holder for long time. I've been to every home game since the 2nd year the stadium was opened. Further, I've stayed in my seat until the clock hit 0:00 for every single one of them. I've even been to some away games. The trouble is, that doesn't seem to matter for the seat upgrade process.

I'm looking for seats near the 50 yard line, in the 200 level, preferably row 3-10, preferably in the middle of the row. I guess I'd consider 100 level seats near the 50 if they were at or near the back row.


Why would you make the seats available? I can think of a few reasons:

1. Maybe you're tired of the bad years and you're giving up your seats.

2. Maybe you need some cash.

3. You have too many seats and want a real fan to sit next to you. Bonus: he doesn't leave during play even if he has to pee like a race horse.

4. You'd be helping the team. I'm super loud on defense.


What'd you get:

I can think of a few ways this could play out.

1. You're super cool and just want out... to a real fan. Sweet, I'll take 'em.

2. You're fine with a seat trade+. Yes, I have seats and would be happy to trade locations. They're good 200 level seats (but I want GREAT). Of course I'd understand if you want something to make it a fair trade.

3. Something else - I'm not sure what you want but could certainly try to work something out.



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