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Scouting Report on our newest addition Tim Hasselbeck

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By: Dave-Te' Thomas

#7-TIM HASSELBECK Boston College Eagles 6:01.3-206


Positives... Tough, well-respected leader who has total command of the huddle...Instinctive passer who senses pressure well...Effective hitting his backs in stride in the short area and appears very comfortable in setting up and getting to his release point...Shows the ability to slide out of the pocket and throw on the move.

Negatives... Will get a look strictly on his family bloodlines...Had adequate quickness in his throwing motion and while he senses pressure well, he has a severe case of "happy feet" and is always looking to run at the slightest amount of pressure put on the pocket...Has taken the game of football too seriously and has made it his sole quest in life to play at the next level (but unfortunately, he does not have the athletic skills of his brother, Matt)...Has a poor release point and marginal technique in his delivery...Can not generate any zip or accuracy on his deep tosses...Not the best decision-maker you will find, generally forcing his passes when flushed...Opponents are up the fact that if you rattle him early, you take him out of his game altogether... Needs to upgrade his clock management skills...Has a lot of inconsistencies throwing in the intermediate area, making his receivers constantly work to get to the ball...Has limited field vision, barely spotting his alternate receivers...Ball seems to flutter when forced to unleash the long bombs...Body lacks muscle definition and appears much older than his birth certificate would indicate.


Two-year starter who has played in a total of 37 games as an Eagle... Completed 278 of 501 passes (55.5%) for 3890 yards, 29 touchdowns and 16 interceptions during his career...Added 343 yards and four scores on 135 carries (2.5 avg).

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By Frank Coyle

Special to SportsLine.com

Feb. 5, 2001

Revised rankings for the top quarterback prospects going into the NFL scouting combine and the later stages of the pre-draft process:

More draft analysis

1. * Michael Vick -- 6-1, 215, Virginia Tech

2. Drew Brees -- 6-1, 220, Purdue

3. Chris Weinke -- 6-4, 230, Florida State

4. David Rivers -- 6-2, 215, Western Carolina

5. Mike McMahon -- 6-2, 210, Rutgers

6. Sage Rosenfels -- 6-4, 215, Iowa State

7. Marques Tuiasosopo -- 6-1, 210, Washington

8. Cleo Lemon -- 6-2, 210, Arkansas State

9. * Quincy Carter -- 6-2, 215, Georgia

10. Josh Heupel -- 6-2, 210, Oklahoma

11. Jesse Palmer -- 6-2, 220, Florida

12. * Josh Booty -- 6-2, 220, LSU

13. Jonathan Beasley -- 6-1, 215, Kansas State

14. A.J. Feeley -- 6-3, 215, Oregon

15. Justin Coleman -- 6-4, 220, Nebraska-Kearney

16. Rashard Casey -- 6-1, 200, Penn State

17. Tim Hasselbeck -- 6-1, 210, Boston College

18. Jason McKinley -- 6-1, 220, Houston

19. Shane Griggs -- 6-4, 190, Idaho State

20. Deontey Kenner -- 6-2, 200, Cincinnati

* Underclassmen

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Chat Reel: Tim Hasselbeck

Former BC QB looks to follow brother's footsteps in NFL

Posted: Friday March 30, 2001 3:39 PM

Updated: Friday March 30, 2001 3:39 PM

Former Boston College QB Tim Hasselbeck is a likely pick in the 2001 NFL draft. He is the younger brother of Matt Hasselbeck, who was recently traded from the Packers to the Seahawks. Tim is also dating "Survivor" Elizabeth, a member of the popular reality TV show. A complete transcript of Tim's chat follows:

CNNSI Host: Welcome to today's NFL draft chat with Tim Hasselbeck. Thanks for joining us Tim!

Tim Hasselbeck: Thank you.

From Darius: What was the hardest part of the combine?

Tim Hasselbeck: The hardest part of the combine is having to wait around in between the times you workout. You get there about 10 in the morning, you run your 40-yard dash and then you may not do your vertical jump until 3:30. You have to sit around and wait and keep warming up.

From Courtnay Brummer in Hartland, Wisc.: Tim, have you thought about what it might be like to be drafted by the Seahawks and back up your brother? Wouldn't it also be weird if the Packers take you and, like your brother, you have Brett Favre as a mentor?

Tim Hasselbeck: It would be exciting to play behind my brother and learn from him. I don't see that as a likely possibility. I think Green Bay is more likely a possibility. I would get a chance to play behind Brett Farve.

From Mike in Sudbury, Mass.: Are the rumors true? Is your girlfriend Elizabeth on the show Survivor? If so, how does it feel to have thousands of guys across the world watching her every move and rooting for her each Thursday night?

Tim Hasselbeck: The rumor is true. Yes, she is my girlfriend. The whole experience has been good so far. The fact that there are a lot of people cheering for her doesn't make me uncomfortable as people think is does.

From Eagles - Big East Champs!!!! in Herndon, Va.: Tim, do you have any pregame rituals? I heard your Dad would wrestle bears before a game, with one hand tied behind his back.

Tim Hasselbeck: I don't if that is true about my father. For me I jut try to relax before a game. Most people try to get pumped up and excited. I'm so excited before a game I just try to relax.

From Brian Smith in Lynn, Mass.: Tim, where do you see yourself going in this year's draft? Do you think Canada fits your style better?

Tim Hasselbeck: I would say that I would probably not go to Canada to play football. I believe I can play in the NFL. I think I will be drafted somewhere in between the fourth and seventh rounds. If not, I will go as a free agent, but I expect to be drafted.

From Geoff in Boston, Mass.: Do you see yourself as big enough or bulking up enough to stand the rigors of the NFL? You seem to have the talent of another former Eagle QB, Glenn Foley, who although talented couldn't stay out of the trainer's room. Anyway, good luck on Draft Day. Hopefully you will get the call.

Tim Hasselbeck: Thank you. I think, physically I think I'm in shape and I can take the punishment. But there is another Eagle QB who is smaller than me and he is doing alright – Doug Flutie.

From Jon Zadrozny in Norfolk Mass.: How have your post workouts for scouts gone and what are you hearing about your draft position?

Tim Hasselbeck: I threw a bunch at the combine because I was there a some extra days. I would say that when I worked out for the Cowboys it went well. They seemed interested in me. So, hopefully it will turn out well.

From Darius: Do you think playing collegiately in the Big East against Virginia Tech and Miami improves draft status?

Tim Hasselbeck: Playing against good competition always helps. Playing against the speed that those teams have will help you when you get to the NFL where the game is played at a different speed.

From GOHawks: Do you think your teammate Ced Washington will get drafted?

Tim Hasselbeck: It's an interesting question, because he had injury playing in the Grid Iron classic. That has hurt him in performing in his 40-yard dash time. Hopefully, someone will give him a chance

CNNSI Host: From Jon in Milwaukee, Wisc.: Tim, I'm betting that there is a 75 percent chance that you will be wearing green and gold and holding a clipboard for Brett Favre and that you will be drafted in the sixth round. Sound familiar? It should to your brother, Matt. Do you think that Ron Wolf will make you his next great QB prospect in his FINAL draft?

Tim Hasselbeck: I don't know if that will happen, but I do know that Mr. Wolf has had and amazing track record in regards to drafting and developing quarterbacks. If that were to happen I would be grateful and feel comfortable in that role.

From SPBL22: How do you think BC will fare in the Big East this year after the success you had last year and the graduation of some top players and Miami losing their coach?

Tim Hasselbeck: Well, I think that BC has been getting better talent each and every year. I think that BC's defense will be better next year. And I think that with William Green at tailback, the offense will continue to do well.

From Jim: What are your thoughts on the XFL? Have you seen any games? If things don't work out for you in the NFL, could the XFL be a possibility for you?

Tim Hasselbeck: I obviously I would rather stay in the NFL. I think it gives certain players the chance to play. I have a friend that plays for the New York team. I have watched, but it definitely provides some entertainment.

From Madeagle: Did you get frustrated with Tom O'Brien's quarterback substitutions?

Tim Hasselbeck: Yes. Obviously that is frustrating. But as the quarterback and the leader of the team that is not what you want to do. It looks like that will benefit the program with a new starting quarterback coming in this year.

From Darius: What does your off-season workout consist of?

Tim Hasselbeck: Before the combine, I worked out with Josh Booty and Marcus T., Jamal Reynolds and those guys. Now, I work out in Boston with some guys that are in the league now like my brother and Chris Hovan.

From juman: Do you get tired of people comparing you to your brother?

Tim Hasselbeck: I don't get tired of it because I would rather be compared to him than someone else. I'm proud of the things he has done and the way he carries himself. I take it as a compliment.

From Dyzza: What attracted you to BC, besides that your brother went there?

Tim Hasselbeck: Other than that, I guess because it was close to home. But the main reason I went to BC was because my brother was there and I wanted the chance to play on the same field as him.

From BC'01: Do you think football players should be allowed to live in the Mods?

Tim Hasselbeck: Without a doubt. I think the ruling on that needs to be changed. I think there is no reason why football players can't live in the Mods. I'm will do everything I can to get that rule changed.

From Joe Smith in Boston, Mass.: What are Elisabeth's chances of winning Survivor?

Tim Hasselbeck: How many people are left? I say they are about one in seven. I think she has a good chance because last night people voted against their tribal lines. But at the same time, she has votes against her, so that could come back and get her. So who knows?

CNNSI Host: That's all the time we have today with Tim Hasselbeck. Thanks and good luck in the draft!

Tim Hasselbeck: Thank you very much.

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NFL.com Feature

posted 04/19/01

By Matt Moss

Tim Hasselbeck probably won't hear his name called on Saturday, the first day of the NFL Draft. In fact, he might not even get drafted at all.

But what Hasselbeck does have is a plan, a person to look to to see how you can succeed in the NFL - either as a late-round draft pick or as a free agent.

He just has to look to his older brother, Matt.

Matt Hasselbeck was a sixth-round draft pick (187th overall) by the Green Bay Packers in 1998. Through three years of hard work and a couple of spectacular preseasons, the eldest Hasselbeck brother was able to become a hot commodity in the NFL this offseason, eventually getting traded to Seattle, where he has been anointed the Seahawks starter in 2001.

"You need to make good decisions and manage the offense," said Tim about what it takes to make it in the NFL. "I think there is a big mental jump from college to pros and having Matt around has made the learning curve a little easier."

Not only has Hasselbeck had his older brother around to give him tips about the NFL, both have had their father, Don, who was a tight end in the league for nine seasons with four different teams.

"I was pretty young when my father played and he worked really hard," said Hasselbeck. "We practiced in the backyard all the time - he has helped me put it into perspective."

A two-year starter at Boston College, Hasselbeck finished his collegiate career by quarterbacking the Eagles to a 31-17 victory over Arizona State in the 2000 Aloha Bowl.

"The last two years in general have been great," he said. "To be able to get to back-to-back bowl games seemed to be a fantasy. To be a part of turning the program around, beating Notre Dame at Notre Dame, that is something special."

The 6-foot-1, 210-pounder might not have the strongest arm or the biggest physical presence, but he brings a lot of intangibles to the field - smarts, toughness and athleticism.

"I think that I'm knowledgeable about the game," said Hasselbeck. "I've been around it my own life. I know how to manage the game as a quarterback. Hopefully someone will be interested in me come April 21. I know I need to work to get better - I saw what my brother did - he worked hard in everything."

Hasselbeck was one of the few quarterbacks who participated in all the drills at the NFL Combine in February.

"It was a good experience," he said. "I had a good time and by the end I was exhausted. I was one of only three quarterbacks there the entire five days. I talked to a lot of coaches and got myself more exposure.

"I think I benefited from it. If they wanted me to do linebacker drills I would have."

So if you don't hear Tim Hasselbeck's name called on draft day, don't count him out. He just has to look to his older brother to see how to get it done.

"I can be someone that just doesn't get on a team in the league," he said.

"I feel that I can be a starter and win games. Maybe not in my first year and maybe not in my fourth but I want to take my brother's approach and try and just get better."


Height: 6-1

Weight: 210

Position: QB

School: Boston College

Career statistics: 300 completions, 555 attempts, 4,112 yards, 32 TDs

Notes: Threw for 209 yards and two TDs against Arizona State in the 2000 Aloha Bowl; Had 355 yards passing in a 48-7 victory over Navy on Sept. 23, 2000; Threw for 272 yards and three TDs in Eagles 1999 upset of Notre Dame; Younger brother Nathanael will be a freshman at Boston College this fall.

courtesy NFL

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I'm pretty positive that I've seen more of Tim than anybody on the board. He's a decent player, pretty good athlete that can make a few plays with his feet, but he'll never be a starter in the league. Solid backup type, better than Woeful(who isn't?).

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