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NY TIMES: Shirley Temple Black, Screen Darling, Dies at 85


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Such a fascinating lady.


I recommend reading her biography.


She was a child star, won an oscar. ran for congress.  Was UN Rep for the US.  Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.  And best of all-----Her daughter is Lori Black from The Melvins.

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was listening to them talk about her on TK's show. How she was the professional who kept moving forward. The job she was doing at the time was her most important to her. 


and yeah, if you told me she was 103. I would believe you.


and to show that congress has sucked for a long time


Congress once debated whether Shirley Temple was a communist. She was 10.


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She led a fascinating life, but I am 99.3 percent sure I have never seen one of her movies. (And I grew up in the hey-day of "Let's put on the cheapest programming possible" independent television stations). I'm fairly certain I've never seen a Rin Tin Tin movie either. I have seen a ton of The Little Rascals, but that seems to be the rarity of Depression Era childrens' entertainment that aged sorta okay.

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