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This Crow Is The Smartest Bird You've Ever Seen - Huffington Post

Mad Mike

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This Crow Is The Smartest Bird You've Ever Seen



Multi-step puzzles can be difficult for humans, but what if I told you there was a bird that could solve them on its own?



I'm giving huffpo credit for brining this to light but posting the video here as well.


This is seriously going to blow your mind. 


I'm fascinated by animal intelligence and believe animals a far smarter than most of us give them credit for. I've seen a flock of birds sing in chorus. I've seen multiple bird species act together, squawking to try to defend a baby bird from a cat and completely calm down for me as I rescued it and let them take over. I have a super smart cat who has done two stage thinking ( he scratched at the door to get my attention and when he got it, he lead me to his empty food bowl :) But I have NEVER seen anything like this.


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That really is amazing.  


EDIT:  I wonder what it'd take to confuse him?  It'd be interesting to see if they could set up a puzzle that'd get progressively harder with multiple steps each time he tries to solve it and see how many steps he can remember and go back to before not being able to solve it?  

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Crows are freaking awesome and very smart (as are some types of parrot).   I believe they are quite a bit smarter than cats or even dogs (although dogs do love us and really want to please us, which is awesome).  


We have a pair of huge ravens that live on your street.  They march up and down the street like they own it, and it looks like they have figured out that a leash means even the most spastic dog can't get at them.   

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Cats are hard to judge for intelligence because they are so independent. My cat has surprised me many times.


Once I was in the garage and getting ready to leave when I saw him getting ready to climb on my car. I was heading back into the house to get something and I said  as if speaking to a human, " I wouldn't do that, I'm getting ready to leave". I went into the house and when I came back out he had jumped on the other car. 


Recently he jumped up on the stool next to my desk. When he does that it can mean anything from he wants up into my lap, to food, to going out. Again as is my habit I spoke as if he could understand and he did. I said "what do you want" and he shuffled his feet. I said "show me" and bam, it was like Lassie in the movies, off he went to do exactly that.


He's an old cat and he likes to snuggle close and lately I have noticed two things... He makes quite little vocalizations as if he is trying to talk sometimes. And he pets me back sometimes using his tail. You can see him do it and it's an unmistakable feeling as he presses his tail against your arm, brushes it, lifts, goes back, and starts again.


Then again, I've never seen him make a tool or figure out an 8 step puzzle. :)

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