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PS: Now in Japan: Giant Cybog ****roaches


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Now in Japan: Giant Cybog ****roaches


What if tiny scurrying insects could power batteries with their own bodies? Thanks to a team of researchers from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Osaka University, we now know this is possible. The team built a fuel cell that goes on the backs of ****roaches and is powered by the roaches themselves.




The paper includes this helpful schematic:






Why do all of this? To turn the roaches into better cyborgs! It's already possible to control roaches with electrical stimulation. This fuel cell provides a stronger power source for electric control plans, and could lead to an army of tiny terrifying robots controllable bugs that can go places people can't, for safety or size reasons. Say the researchers:


Especially, insect cyborgs which are robots controlled by electric stimulation of their brain and neurons are desired for rescue, environmental monitoring and working in a radiation environment.



Click on the link for the full article

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