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Can anyone make sense of keeping Haslett? (apologize if this should be merged, please do)


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I have been ready for Haslett to be gone after the Grossman/Beck season. His past 10 defenses, as the DC or HC, have each ranked 20th or worse in points allowed. This guy has NEVER run a good defense.


I understand Mike probably had his hand in the defense too much and neglected it in the draft/FA, but Haslett makes my blood boil. 3rd and 2 and the DBs play 6 yards off; that's when I throw things. I heard Mike called the infamous 'Cover 0' against Dallas a couple years ago, but that's hardly our biggest issue.


I am mostly concerned with Haslett developing promising guys like Amerson, Rambo, Baker, Thomas. I have no confidence in his ability to get the best out of his players or to help them reach that level. 


Honestly, I am still kinda shell shocked that he was not the first to go. We had options. I'd still let Raheem take over and sleep better. Very curious if Haz or Mike is responsible for going after 4-3 players instead of natural 3-4. Our 'hybrid' defense is definitely a bit of 3-4 and 4-3, too bad it's the absolute worst parts of both. 


So does anyone think keeping him was a good decision?

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Seems like this is Short Bus Review Month. And this bus often features a one-way trip.


1. Members should avoid instructing moderators on their options. I.E. "sorry if this is a rule violation, close/merge this if you need to."


Think of that as sort of like "hey, it the speed limit isn't 70 here, let me know and I'll slow down." 


Moderators don't require "permission" from members to do their tasks, obviously. Members are expected to avoid rule violations. You even had No New Threads under your name and ignored it.


2. Not only do you need to search for any existing threads on the same topic where your post (even if its long and complicated) should go before starting a new thread on it.


And if you are "going to go where many men have gone before" topic-wise, try to have something of substance to add in the form of a well-developed OP or premise. IOW, something more than just a handful of sentences that basically amount to the 357th rendition of "I like vanilla, too, but I hate chocolate. Strawberry is for special times."


3. Permanent ban for repeated violation.

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