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List your memorable games from the Shanahan era


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Both dallas games and Baltimore, from last season. I wasn't there for that Ravens game, but even from watching on tv, it seemed like a great game to be at.


The Bears game from this season. I was there for this one, and it was a another down to the wire Redskins game, and we pulled it out.

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Sept 19 2010

vs Houston "This just might work with a lil defense"

I thought this is gonna work even with the drek we have at WR. McNabb throws for 426 yards 1 TD 0 INTs w/ Tana and Galloway as the only weapons.


Oct 31 2010
vs Detroit Lions "Trouble in paradise"
First sign there was stuff going on behind the scenes that wasn't about the on field the play.

McNabb benched for cardiovascular endurance. Media leaks begin.


Dec 12 2010
vs Tampa Bay "he [McNabb] will never take another snap for me again"

McNabb benched for the season demoted to 3rd string QB. Never takes another snap for the Burgundy and Gold. More leaks follow all off-season that vilify McNabb and distract from the on the field play where Rex did not play any better then McNabb.

Sept 1 2011
vs Tampa Bay "We love Beck, whoops we love Rex"
After a pre-season competition where Rex struggled to separate himself from an inexperienced journeyman QB Jon Beck. Rex is named starter after the meaningless 4th preseason game where the Redskins starters sat and Tampa's starter played.


Oct 30 2011/ Nov 6

vs Bills/ 49ers "uh-oh...playcalling guru?"
Worst playcalling I have ever seen in my life. My first indication that Kyle didn't have a feel for the QB he was calling plays for. Beck was decent up until that point. Kyle threw Beck to the wolves that during and after that game. Only ran the ball 8 times. 8. Kyle elected to feature the passing attack led by Gaffney, Hankerson and Austin. Kyle didn't defend Beck in any way shape or form after the game, basically said it was all Beck's fault.


Sept 9 2012
vs Saints "Wow, this is what a QB and a wide open offense looks like"

Turns out this game and the playcalling and gameplan in that game was a one-time homage to the Baylor offense it highlighted a great rookie QB in his element. It was a mirage of things that we thought would occur but didn't receive.

Jan 6 2013
vs Seahawks "to play or not to play that is the question"

Griffin's knee was trashed, questioned asked about who/what/when Griff cleared to return to the game, playcalling trust between QB and OC was lost.

Oct 13 2013
vs Dallas "we have no answers, we have no adjustments"

It was clear to me that Kyle had no answers when a defense was content to give up the run and defend against the read-option playaction with pressman coverage all game.

Dec 15 2013
vs Atlanta "i'm out of here and I'm rubbing your nose in it"

A healthy Griff benched against one of the worst defenses in the league that was starting 4 rookie players on defense for the first time. The issues behind the scenes were more important then developing the franchise QB.

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For good -- the win @Dallas on Thanksgiving 2012.


For bad -- man,..there's a bunch but the Lions game when McNubb was benched and Sexy Rexy came in sticks out in my mind.  The KC game from this year,....The game against the Rams when Josh Morgan threw the ball at the DB and of course the Seahawks PO game.  OH, the Giants game in 2012 when they lost in the last minute,....

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