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Report: Eli Manning, Giants named in bogus memorabilia suit


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..."According to the lawsuit, Joe Skiba told Inselberg that he “created fraudulent memorabilia at the direction of the Giants’ management and players,” including Manning.

For years, the Giants operated a racket in which they “repeatedly engaged in the distribution of fraudulent Giants memorabilia,” Inselberg claims."...


Now we can see how the Giants / Mara handle a little controversy. I guess it is ok to cheat the fans and break the law but not disregard the unwritten rules of an uncapped league year. I dont wish harm on anybody but I dont mind seeing things work themselves out. I know this will not effect the "team" but will contribute to a little unwanted drama for them.



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I hope to God this is true and that the Fraudulent Giants, Mara AND Manning and everyone else involved gets roasted for it!  By the courts and by the NFL (draft picks, salary cap hehe).  


How could anyone not want to punch this guy in the face?



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One thing that would this even better is if there was a massive blizzard that makes a mess of the Super Bowl. I'd love to Mara totally humiliated.

redskins related?



Anything that shows what a joke Mara is, is totally Redskins related.

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