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Brothers Grimm movie by Terry Gilliam


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from Darkhorizons.com

Brothers Grimm: Around four months into filming and with about 2-3 more weeks to go, the Terry Gilliam project underway in Prague's Barrandov Studios has opened its doors to some press - most notably TV news-tainment show "Entertainment Tonight" which did a behind-the-scenes peek in their Monday edition. In the video interview with stars Matt Damon & Heath Ledger, the pair revealed a little more about the tone of the movie - "They're con artists, going from town to town trying to fool people into thinking they're ridding the town of the local witch or bridge troll. We've got forest fires ... running and people trying to kill us! It's all that kind of swashbuckling stuff!". The basic plot has the conmen - Will & Jake Grimm - getting a famed reputation so good that they're hired by Napoleon's Government to investigate a woman (Monica Bellucci) who may be stealing the blood from young girls in order to stay beautiful. The footage in the segment also shows the pairs look in the film - Ledger donning whiskers and glasses, Damon a Vines-style hairdo and both in some almost Dracula-era garb.


sounds like it could be pretty cool....

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I wouldn't say terrible. It was ok. Some great special effects and some interesting tie-ins to some childhood stories(Little red riding hood, hanzel and Gretel, etc), but the overall story could have been better. 3 out of 5 for me.

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I actually really liked the movie. To be fair, I'm a big fan of Terry Gilliam, and I might be cutting it alot of slack because of Gilliams involvement with the movie.

The movie is definitely style over substance. It's 2005's Big Fish. However, Big Fish had a major flaw. The main conflict was too obviously portrayed. This doesn't have the same problem. It tells a similar story in a more interesting way. However, Bros. Grimm is certainly not flawless. The major problem is that it's confusing, and all of the potentially thought provoking concepts were mentioned and then dropped. I enjoyed this more, because the visual style was even better, and it definitely felt like Gilliam film. It was probably his most pythonesque film in 20 years. I just wish it were less confusing. I don't need it to make perfect sense, I don't even expect that with Gilliam. I just want to know what's happening.

The whole 3rd act was pretty great, but the denoument sucked.

I guess 3 stars out of 5 sounds about right

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