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BBC/PBS: The Story of India


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This is spinning off of the "pandemics" thread as someone mentioned India. 


I was snowbound this weekend and wanted some background noise while working around the house. Found this great 5-part documentary on India. It's really well made.



Goes into the origins of the area from the Indus River valley, to the mythical Aryans that came out of the north drinking their "Soma" (a drinked brewed from Cannibis, Poppy, and Ephedra) and established civilization, the rise of Buddhism. 



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Thanks! Will check it out.

Worked and lived in India for 4 months for a local non-profit.

A wild, wild country. One of my favorite in the world to travel, but it is not for most people.

Outside of the mega-cities it awesome. I liked South India (Kerela) - beautiful.

For most, the poverty and lack of any personal space is overwhelming. It is in your face the moment your plane lands. People literally starving in the streets.

400 million people live on less than $1.25 a day.

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The first city they touch on Is Kerala! Following the "Out of Africa" migration path, first peoples ended up around Kerala by hugging the coast line. They showed how they did DNA testing and they found some of the oldest genetic markers outside of Africa. Below is the path they used for the documentary.



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