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Which Jersey to wear to a Super Bowl Party in Canada


Which Jersey to wear to a Super Bowl Party in Canada  

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  1. 1. Which Jersey should I wear to a Super Bowl Party in Canada

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When I go to a Super Bowl Party I usually wear a Jersey of a Player from the Super Bowl Days.  This year I am going to a Super Bowl Party at a Redskins Fan Friend who lives in B.C. and I want to wear a Jersey that has Canadian Ties.  So here are my choices:




Joe Theismann - Member of the Super Bowl XVII Championship Team and Played for the Toronto Argonauts from 1971 -1973




Dexter Manley - Member of the Super Bowl XVII and XXII Championship Teams and played for the Ottawa Rough Riders from 1992 - 1993




Mark Rypien - Super Bowl XXVI MVP and born in Calgary, Alberta.

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No Mike Nelms?!?!


Okay... since I'm too stupid to figure out how to post pics on here from my desktop, I've changed my avi for you.


That's Mike Nelms and I the day before the Seattle playoff game last year.  And that's a "We Want Dallas" NFC Championship Ring and an "70 Chip" Super Bowl ring as well.


Probably the nicest man I've ever met who was a former Redskin this side of BMitch.  Adorable man and very sweet.


So hopefully that was meant as a line of endearment :)

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Mark Rypien. 

You know somebody's going to say, who is that? Then you can tell them the story of one of, if not the most, dominant football teams of all time.


QB of the Greatest Redskins Team.


Ryp is Canadian, so if you're trying to impress someone from the opposite sex then I'd go with that one.


I doubt there will be an available ladies, my friend is a family man an there are no wild parties at his place. lol


No Mike Nelms?!?!


On that note, why limit yourself to players who played in a Super Bowl?  You're missing out on studs like Willard Reaves, Mike Sellars, OJ Atogwe, Jesse Lumsden, Chris Wilson, Brandon Banks or Shaun Suisham, etc..... :P


Too bad I don't have a Barry Wilburn Jersey, he won a Super Bowl and Grey Cup.


I was unaware of Dexter's stint as a Rough Rider... either of the two teams named "Roughriders".


The Ottawa Rough Riders no longer exist but the Saskatchewan Rough Riders won the Grey Cup last season.  Dexter went to the CFL after he was kicked out of the NFL for his little drug problem. :(

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It doesn't really matter. But if you want to represent the Redskins & have Canadian flavor go with J.T. Yeah Ryp. was born in Calgary but he never played in the CFL & to my knowledge none of his children are Canadian. J.T. played several years in the CFL & his boys were born here + he still keeps a home in Toronto. As for Dexter...do you really want to represent the Redskins with someone who went to jail?



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