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LaCanfora: Fred Davis 6 Game Suspension


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 My coworker had to come over and nudge me because your post sent me into a day dreaming state ...  :lol:


It's all egg noodles and ketchup from here on out.  He's  an average nobody... he's going to get to live the rest of his life like a schnook.


wonder if he wants marinara sauce will he just get ketchup instead?  hopefully he doesnt drive 40 miles for it.

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I feel like i have the Snyderatto flu, and just when i think every drip of awfulness has come out of whichever end of me you'd care to imagine.. along comes more.

I can't wait until this team is empty of every trace of those years.



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He's done.


Great, though. Skins are going to need another te. Thank you, Fred.

I don't know.  As long as Reed can come back healthy, I think we are good with him and Paulsen.  Not sure how the "experiment" is doing, or if Gruden will want to continue that, but we may be okay at TE.

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I'd imagine he tried to circumvent the testing some how and that's why he got hit with the 6 games.  Didn't test positive so no year, but for interfering in the testing, he gets 6 games.  I think that precedent was set with Von Miller.


This story claims he failed another test: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/writer/jason-la-canfora/24418842/redskins-fred-davis-facing-another-suspension-for-failed-marijuana-test


Dude just can't stay off the reefer.

Shame to throw your career away like that.It's over here in WAS.


If Seattle doesn't take a flier it can be over fully. Pete was his college coach.


LOL, Fred would fit in well with Seattle, college coach, legalized weed.

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