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my frustration with champ.......


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Ok, first off I don't dislike Champ, I think he is great and I don't think he has to take any of the main blame for the team struggling, however the one thing that frustrates me about Champ is that, he doesn't make opposing qbs pay for throwing his way. Sure he may shut down a reciever for 75% of the game, but on a big passing play he always seems to give up the first down catch. I don't know if the scheme is calling for him to play off the reciever too much or what. Champ is a great CB, but for me to believe he is ELITE, then for the 5 passes that are thrown his way during the game, he needs to make the QB pay for the mistake of challenging Bailey. And yes I understand the D-line gets no pressure, but it isn't only happening on busted routes and hot routes.

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