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Redskins Interview Rich Bisaccia Friday

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By Bulmer on Jan 6, 2014 | Reply

Hey people wake up! there is a good coach that is available. As I mentioned in my last comment, Schottenheimer. Of course, he probably would not work under this owner. Schottenheimer much like Joe Gibbs can take any team whether they have a quarterback or not, and spawned success. Schottenheimer in one years time took a team full of babies, turn them around, made men out of them and was going in the right direction. However, and as the record shows, Dan Snyder canned him, and brings in Steve Spurrier the idiot. Hell!!! look what Schottenheimer did for the Chargers. He made them into a powerhouse, and was on the verge of a Super Bowl appearance. Much like Dan Snyder and the Redskins, that stupid organization fires a great coach and brings in nor Turner. What sense does that make. Did they not see the disastrous seven years, we had with that coach? And yes, the Chargers were on a decline under that coach ( Turner). If Schottenheimer were to come back to the Redskins he would ultimately elevate this team. However, there%u2019s a few things that would have to happen. Let him the professional coach the team. The team act like men and not go over his head, this is called breaking ranks. Furthermore, the owner Dan Snyder keep his freaking hands away from the team. in other words, players should never undermine the coach and the owner as well. With this in mind and someone like Schottenheimer or himself we would see a powerhouse restored in Washington DC. I%u2019ve been a fan since the day I was born in DC 47 years ago. I only want what is best for the team I love. I do question what Dan Snyder wants. I do apologize for improper netiquette and tone.

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