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Decide Who gets cut? Figure out the cap situation on your own


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I found this nifty website that i wanted to share with Extremeskins that i thought it would be awesome to share and use among the members here.


With the return of the cap room, We have $18 million based on the free agents we have.  This does not consider any cuts we might make and the implications of cutting them now or post June 1.



This website also allows you to resign those who are free agents and offer them a contract.


I'm doing an analysis right now and I'll post what i think could be the best for the redskins this offseason.


Post your Results here and see how much money you can create for the redskins to use this offseason!



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That site is a bit off anyway. The contracts of Fletcher, Morgan, Merriweather, Orakpo et al. are voided. Technically we have something like $30 million in cap space.


I've played around with that before. I released Polumbus, Montgomery, Carriker and Rocca and got up to about $40 million in cap space in those moves alone. I think $40 mill. is the most we can expect to have at any point this off-season, unless the team chooses to restructure some guys.

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I have to admit that this cap stuff still baffles me.


I checked out the cowboys and they are $20m over. I don't really know how, why, or exactly what it means, but I'm sure it's a good thing and it made me laugh.


Dallas is entering Cap Hell thanks to Jerruh waaaay overpaying Romo sits to pee. 

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