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Assume The Worst - How Do We Rebuild?


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One of Bulldog's excellent posts about our preoccupation with premier players got me thinking about what I'd do if I were Snyder and nothing really changes after bye week.

At the end of the season, I'd reluctantly say goodbye to Spurrier - no hard feelings, but the experiment didn't work. Go back to the NCAA where it does.

There really are only a few players I feel it important to retain. Ramsey, Hall, Coles and McCants are my core and I build around them.

I franchise Bailey, fully expecting that another team will sign him. While the price is two firsts, I believe I'd rather have a first and a third from a team with a top ten pick rather than two firsts from, say, the Bucs or Colts so I'm negotiating with teams with losing records.

There'll be a lot of painful trades. We're going to stock up on draft picks. Not just now, but for the future. I'll be glad to trade you our 4th rounder this year for a 2nd rounder three years down the road.

I'm trying to maximize the number of picks I have in rounds 2-4. I'll trade down and up to get there.

I want a coach who's had some experience as an assistant in the NFL (but not Dallas - never Dallas), not a retread HC. I'd sign him to a two year contract. I'd make it clear that the front office will fully support any discipline he wishes to impose, up to and including cutting from the team. Even if it's my favorite player.

Vinnie Cerrato is gone. Yesterday. I'll talk with Ron Wolfe AS A CONSULTANT (we're not hiring him). And I'll consider bringing in who he suggests. We're going to re-build our scouting department. We're looking for intelligent kids with character who are well schooled in fundamentals. They must block and tackle. We'll worry about speed later.

We're not going to reward big name free agents for their accomplishments with other teams. Nor will they get a free roster spot. I'd consider some loyalty to guys who have done something for the Redskins, however.

There'll be no strutting or end zone celebrations for a while - not until the TEAM earns those priviledges. And stupid penalties will earn you bench time, regardless of your press clippings.

The Washington Redskins would, in effect, be an expansion team. They would be losers, but we're going to have consistent effort on the field. It'll take a while to develop but, like the Houston Texans, you'll see them grow through the defeats, rather than walk off the field laughing. Because if they do that crap, they're gone.

It may be that we have a defensive line made up of 6th round draft picks for a while. I'm not sure we'll be able to tell much difference between that and what we've got now.

We'll build around Pat Ramsey and a passing game, but we're going to run the ball as well. I don't care for a while if we only have 12 plays in the playbook. We're going to learn to run what we have without false starts etc. And we'll expand on success rather than try to ignore the failings.

There won't be a bunch of 'names' on the squad until they earn them on the field.

That's what I'd be looking to do. How would you go about rebuilding?

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Spurrier stays on another year. I can't believe all the crap on this board from our usually very intelligent posters insinuating that Snyder and SS are at each others' throats, on each others' nerves, or that it's time to fire SS.

I do agree, however, that there are some guys we might just want to accept aren't worth the cap space. Samuels is taking up some major cap dollars. If we could find a decent durable LT at half the price, I'd jump on it. I'd also give serious consideration to cutting Trotter loose, though I'm not sure what the cap implications there might be. Maybe even Lavar. It needs to be a nothing is sacred approach.

If after next year the SS experiment is finally kaput, the first thing we need to do is hire a real GM, then let the GM find us our next coach.

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I hate to say it TC, but I'd rather keep Spurrier than completely rebuild. The team doesn't need that much. We don't need to completely rebuild, as a matter of fact we only need a few more players to be great on both sides. I don't believe Spurrier is the guy to coach the team, but again this is my opinion.

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You don't re-build when your team is so young and talented, its the type of move that makes Keenan McCardell a former Redskin. You isolate certain areas and try to supplament the talent we have. You put a pass rush on this defense and alot of the mental mistakes get covered up. Get a new center. Maybe contemplate life without Champ, Lavar and Samuels, but if you do, you wait until eachone hits free agency and take the draft picks like you said with Champ. I still would keep Champ, its too early to start cutting. Bottomline, this team is 3-4 and very young and as is often the case with young players, their physical talent far outdistances their mental awareness.

Also painful trade is a trade you should never make (Chris Webber)

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