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If you loved Gibbs, Briles is the guy


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Remember how Gibbs made us all feel? The heart, the character, the decency, the trust, the authenticity...I get the same feeling when Art Briles speaks.





And I'll leave the x's and o's for the film study guys, but I also like the sound of 53.3 pts/game and 624.5 yds/game.



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There is a reason Art Briles name is not brought up for ANY other coaching vacancies in the NFL.  This would be a huge mistake and would immediately elevate the perception of RGIII and his fathers power in this organization. 


if they want to hire Art Briles to be the coach, the first thing that needs to happen is a trade of RGIII (which I personally think would be a HUGE mistake) but would be the only way to ensure there are no more distractions in the locker room. 


A coach needs to come in with no former ties to ANYONE!  Start from scratch, find a young OC currently working in the NFL who shows a lot of promise.  You bring up Joe Gibbs, that is EXACTLY why he was hired by JKC, he was an up and coming OC for San Diego.


I would say NO to Art Briles.  Do a search, you will find other NFL analyst who are saying the exact same thing.

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Briles is a leader of men. Would instantly command the respect of the locker room.

Briles is a leader of College Men who aren't distracted by who owns the team, who gets preferential treatment, who the owner likes, etc.  Not saying he is not a great COLLEGE football coach, the NFL is totally different.  He immediately would be innundated (as other players) wiht questions about RGIIIs role in his hiring?  The media would blast the organization for allowing RGIII to decide who coaches this team, players would be asked if it bothers them RGIII has that much perceived power.  It would divide the locker room.


Hire Art Briles and then trade RGIII.  Then we would not have an immediate perception of preferential treatment and then we could see him be a leader of men without any self induced perceptions.

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