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Once again not a bad drop :paranoid:


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The offense sputtered and it wasn't impressive, but the Chiefs remain in the top spot for the sixth straight week following their 17-10 win over the Raiders.

The Vikings stayed at No. 2, while the Colts jumped up two spots to No. 3 without even playing a game. The last two spots in the top five are occupied by the Titans and Patriots, who each jumped up four places.

The Cowboys also moved up four spots from No. 11 to No. 7 with their continued impressive play. It seems like people are still waiting for a statement win by the Cowboys before they're really convinced and Dallas will get that chance this weekend against Tampa Bay.

Anyway, on to the rankings. Also, to view last week's rankings, click here.

2003 Power Rankings: Week 8

Rank Team Rec. Comment

1 Chiefs 7-0-0 Offense needs to be more consistent for this team to reach its Super Bowl goals.

2 Vikings 6-0-0 When Randy Moss is having fun playing football he's as good as it gets and equally fun to watch.

3 Colts 5-1-0 Edgerrin James' return would give the Colts -- and plenty of disappointed fantasy owners -- a boost.

4 Titans 5-2-0 Jeff Fisher has to be one of the most under appreciated head coaches in the NFL.

5 Patriots 5-2-0 He might not be a household name, but Richard Seymour has turned into one of the NFL's best defensive linemen.

6 Panthers 5-1-0 It's pretty simple -- no running game equals no win for the Panthers.

7 Cowboys 5-1-0 The Cowboys head to Tampa with two more wins than the Bucs -- you'd have won a lot of money if you bet on that.

8 Rams 4-2-0 Three straight games with over 30 points. Looks like the high-powered Rams are back.

9 Seahawks 5-1-0 Seahawks still seem to lack the ability to put away an opponent. When you go up 17-6 in the 3rd quarter on a team like the Bears, the game should be over.

10 Dolphins 4-2-0 Jay Fiedler is decent, but he's not going to be the QB that takes the Dolphins to the Super Bowl.

11 Broncos 5-2-0 We think there might actually be a small part of Mike Shanahan that is relishing the opportunity to prove that he can win with a third-string QB.

12 Buccaneers 3-3-0 Maybe Warren Sapp thinks the Bucs will give him a contract extension if he can kick, too.

13 Bills 4-3-0 Looks like all the Willis McGahee talk will quiet down for at least one week.

14 Eagles 3-3-0 McNabb has thrown for under 200 yards in his last two games. Might be time to give him a break for a week or two to get healthy.

15 Packers 3-4-0 Packers could come off bye week and head into Minnesota four games behind the Vikings.

16 Ravens 3-3-0 Ravens fall to 3-3 but remain in first place -- welcome to the AFC North.

17 49ers 3-4-0 If the 49ers can run the ball the way they did Sunday for the rest of the season, they'll be tough.

18 Saints 3-4-0 A win over the Panthers and the Saints are right back in the hunt in the NFC South.

19 Browns 3-4-0 We're betting that the musical chairs at QB has just started in Cleveland.

20 Redskins 3-4-0 Rumor of the weekend had Steve Spurrier almost resigning. Well, if Spurrier can't get him some protection, Patrick Ramsey might be the one resigning.

21 Steelers 2-4-0 Looks like the Steelers will turn to the old faithful -- Jerome Bettis -- to try to get the offense clicking again.

22 Giants 2-4-0 Turnovers are contagious and the Giants sure caught a mean case of them.

23 Bengals 2-4-0 Don't look know, but another win would put the Bengals in the playoff hunt in the AFC North.

24 Jets 2-4-0 Can the Jets make another improbable playoff run? Well, Chad Pennington's return should help.

25 Raiders 2-5-0 Once Tuiasosopo got going Monday night he made some good things happen.

26 Texans 2-4-0 Texans might have found their back of the future in Domanick Davis.

27 Chargers 1-5-0 Best recipe for a Chargers win: Tomlinson, Tomlinson and more Tomlinson.

28 Jaguars 1-5-0 Next step in Byron Leftwich's learning curve in the NFL -- limiting the turnovers.

29 Lions 1-5-0 We're not quite sure what Steve Mariucci is doing with Joey Harrington -- with the talent the Lions have, it shouldn't be any surprise Harrington is struggling.

30 Bears 1-5-0 When you see Chris Chandler diving headfirst for a two-point conversion, you have to hold your breath.

31 Falcons 1-6-0 Things are just plain ugly in Atlanta and that's about all we can say.

32 Cardinals

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