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Trent Williams: Pro Bowl Nod 'A Blessing'

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I am very happy for Trent Williams. To come back from his suspension and apply himself and continue to improve shows he had learned from his mistake. Something it appears Fred Davis did not learn, at least not in time to keep him here. 


There are two absolute travesties after that. First, how in the world can Alfred Morris not be on the team straight up? They reached over him statistically to pick Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore. So it's still just a popularity contest. Second, how in the world is Brian ORakpo anywhere in any conversation about pro-bowlers? He has not had one meaningful sack in his entire career! He disappears from games for long stretches, and of his 39.5 sacks, 6 were in 2 games against Oakland! Thats's 33.5 sacks in 62 games none of them meaningful. And now it looks like he will finish the 3rd season injured! Sorry, just not buying Orakpo as a pro bowl. 

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