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yea baby! unless someone already acught this:


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It sure can't hurt anything...although I'd have liked to have seen him named something more than a 'consultant'. At least they're doing something to try and spark some improvement. You'd think the media humiliation the Skins have taken this week would be enough to get this club to play hard. If it doesn't nothing ever will I'm afraid.

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I think the hiring of Coach Bugel kicks butt, but until Fiore gets off his sorry @ss, Dockery gets sent to the practice squad and Samuels learns that he is supposed to help the TE with the DE thin gs will not improve. This is not Jacoby, Grimm, Lachey and the rest of the Hogs we have in front of us. Again this is a positive step in the right direction, but we have to have the personnel to excecute like the Hogs did. Also, if Fiore is not ready by Dallas, y'all just might see me on the sidelines there throwing a huge temper tantrum!!!!!:paranoid: :cry: :nana: :whippin:




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