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Last Send Off and Welcome Home times and TY to Fletcher


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It is the last one of the 2013 Season to send off and welcome home our boys and with all of this turmoil they need it now more than ever! Also we are doing a Thank You Fletcher theme!


I am going to start combining this in one thread to make it easier for all to plan. 


Send Off

Date- Saturday 12-28-13

Time- Meet Up 12:30PM First bus leaves at 1:15

Place- Redskins Park ASHBURN VA


Welcome Home

Date- Sunday 12-29-13

Time- Meet up at 7:00 PM They should land around 7:30PM

Place- Redskins Park ASHBURN VA


Remember flights can be earlier or later depending on weather etc hence the meet up at 7:00



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Dude. Seriously, whatever you personally think, DON'T do it here and tarnish THIS thread.


It's an ES tradition. And what Pez, Huly and the guys do EVERY game, WHATEVER you think of them/ it; is something that should be commended. Not mocked. 



Skinsfan_13 - by all means be sure to follow the sententious command.

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No Shannahan has never come out to talk to us. Haslett stopped and said hi yesterday, and several of the players have stopped to say thank you as well throughout the year and Cooley stopped alot to chat with us this year.


We have asked several players the perspective they have on us being out there, particularly after a loss, and alot of the players have told us it means alot to them that fans are faithful enough to be out there win or lose. We have even been told the veterans like to keep it hush hush from the rookies, so they get surprised by it.


Tonight you could tell all the players were in a foul mood, and it did not help there was a bunch of media there (boy they are a pain in the ass). We are there for the team, and they kept wanting to shove lights and cameras in our faces. Grrr


Whether folks agree with it or not, we will be there for every sendoff and welcome home.... win or lose... rain, snow, sleet or shine... 7pm or 4am ..... no matter how bad it gets (and it was pretty damn bad this year). We are only there to support the team.

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