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Mara/Competition Committee:Redskins must retain Shanahan for 5th (and possibly 6th) year.


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Nfl insiders have uncovered a report to be released at the end of the season for violating the spirit of the salary cap for coaches. Although Mara conceded the league has no formal salary limits on coaching staffs, nor could it have agreed to do so without facing charges of collusion, he insisted there was an unspoken and unwritten understanding amongst owners not to overpay coaches, something he has no doubt the Redskins have done consistently over the last decade.

"They're getting off easy," he remarked. "This year they paid almost two and a half million per win for the head coach alone. If the Pats paid Belichik even 2 mil per win, his salary would consistently be above $20 million a year. Obviously the Skins took unfair advantage of the system." Mara conceded the committee could let the infractions slide if Shanahan and all his assistants were given extensions. Should the Redskins fire Shanahan, they will be limited by a meager allotment of $6million total to hire a new coach and the corresponding staff. While the measure seems unduly harsh, Mara insisted it was light given the circumstances.

"They could make up for a significant portion of the penalty by not hiring a special teams coach or a defensive coordinator, and noone would know the difference." Money the Redskins would save from reducing their coaching payroll would be redistributed to other teams around the league who have agreed in advance to use the funds to pay for a retractable roof for Giants Stadium to encourage more Superbowls to be hosted in NY. "It's good for competition," Mara winked.

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