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December 22, 2013


LANDOVER, Md. – The teams have announced the following inactives and lineup changes for today’s game between the Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys:

For the Washington Redskins:

- No. 10 QB Robert Griffin III
- No. 24 S Bacarri Rambo
- No. 25 CB Chase Minnifield
- No. 51 LB Brandon Jenkins
- No. 60 C J.D. Walton
- No. 67 G Josh LeRibeus

On Tuesday, the Redskins claimed Walton off waivers and waived No. 18 WR Lance Lewis. The team placed No. 86 TE Jordan Reed on its Reserve/Injured list on Friday and entered Sunday with 52 players on its active roster.

For the Dallas Cowboys:
- No. 17 WR Dwayne Harris
- No. 23 S Jakar Hamilton
- No. 24 CB Morris Claiborne
- No. 50 LB Sean Lee
- No. 56 DE Martez Wilson
- No. 59 LB Ernie Sims
- No. 75 T Darrion Weems

Welcome to FedEx Field where the Redskins are indenting to play spoiler to the evil Cowboys Playoff hopes & send London Fletcher off into the sunset with a final win at home. Garcon also has the chance to break Art Monk's all time single season reception record.

First quarter

Special Teams continue to be special for the Redskins as they nearly allow the opening kickoff to be returned for a TD. Few plays later Murray punches it in & Skins are down 7-0. Redskins take over & Kirk moves the ball pretty well at first with two to Garcon. Drive is stopped after Kirk throws 2 near INTs, the 2nd on 3rd down but ruled incomplete. Redskins get a lucky bounce n roll on the punt & Dallas is buried at the 2. Cowboys get 1 yard, then incomplete to Dez (covered by DHall) & Dez is down with a shoulder injury. Guess he wants to hit the locker room early today :) 3rd &9 & Romo sits to pee throws it into the ground ala McNuggett. Dallas punts out of the endzone to Moss who returns it across the 40. Morris up the middle for 8. Skins should KILL IT up the middle today with Sean Lee out. Morris again . 3rd & 1 Morris converts. FIRST DOWN REDSKINS. Morris again but gets bottled up for a loss of 2. Helu in now. Garcon for 2 on a cross route. 3rd Down. Kirk to Garcon who is immediately tackled short. FG attempt is GOOD. Redskins down 7-3.

Dallas runs twice & it's 3rd down. Romo sits to pee to Witten for the conversion. Two plays later Dallas faces a 3rd down again. Delay of game turns 3rd & 4 into a 3rd & 9. Romo sits to pee SACKED by Merriweather. BOO-YA! No return on the punt & Skins are back to feeding Morris. Kirk with a run on the thrird snap to convert the 3rd down into a first. Cousins with a hard count draws Dallas offsides for a 5 yard penalty. Morris rips them for 18 on a muddy field. Redskins at midfield. Morris for a loss of 1. Cousins to Garcon for catch 101 this year. ON HIS BACK. Kirk to Garcon again. Catch 102 this season. 6 catches for 67 yards in the first quarter. Morris to the 8. 2nd & Goal. Roll out to DY for a 3rd & Goal. Offense in a rhythm now. Helu in motion & Moss with a false start. Still 3rd down. Kirk to Garcon. No signal FLAG illegal shift on Garcon nullifies a TD & gets a 5 yard penalty. Still 3rd down. Skins call a time out. Cousins to Moss & it's short of the goal line. Forbath out to kick th efield goal. Kick is good. Skins within 1. Dallas 7 Redskins 6.

Cowboys bottled up on the return inside the 10. Boys called for holding & theres a Cowboy player down. Injury timeout.

1st & 10 Dallas ball from their 7. Murray goes sideways, sideways, & then staight down the sideline. Stiff arms Doughty & they're at the 50. Murray again for 4. 2nd & 6 Romo sits to pee to Dez to the 15. Hit out of bounds by Merriweather. Murray get 2 up the gut. 2nd & 9. Romo sits to pee in the pocket for half an hour & can't find anyone open. Throws it away when he had room to run. 3rd &9. Romo sits to pee to Dez in the back of the endzone. Biggers just got EMBARRASSED. Kick is good & it's Cowpokes 14 Redskins 6.

After a Nick Williams return it's back to feeding Morris up the middle.FRED DAVIS SIGHTING for a 1st down. Kirk dumps it to Paulsen for a short gain. 2nd & 8. Pitch to Morris & he's burried. 3rd & 9.


Kirk to Garcon again for 26. Kirk AGAIN to Garcon for 12 this time. 107 yards so far for Garcon. Blitz & Kirk throws a wounded duck away. Kirk throws high to Morgan, nearly picked but hit the ground & called incomplete. Rex JR here's been lucky on 3 passes like that so far. Kirk to Moss & it's picked off. By a rookie. FACEPALM. 47 seconds later & Dallas from the 7 starts to run the clock out to get to halftime. Dallas snaps for a penalty & it halftime. Redskins down 14-6


Quick thoughts here. Kirk is who I thought he was. Rex JR. Strong arm, can move but not that fast & has gotten lucky that 3 throws weren't picked off. The Dallas D can't stop this offense though. The offense is stopping the offense. Moss needed to pull that catch in even though it was short. You touch it, YOU CATCH IT. Damn.


Special teams are actually starting to stop people on returns. Dallas feeds Murray twice. Romo sits to pee to Clutts. FUMBLE Skins Defense gets the fumble recovery. Credit Josh Wilson. Kirk to DY for a few. Kirk to the beast, Garcon. One catch away from tying Monk's record. 1st down. Dallas offsides & Morris runs for a 1st down. 1st & 5. Morris again. It's 2nd & 1. Morris busts it to the 7. Note to Kyle DO NOT LET UP. HAMMER THE RUN. Illegal snap on Skins backs them up 5 yards. Kirk to Morgan inside the 10 on a quad bunch formation. 2nd & goal. Quad bunch formation again causes Dallas to burn a time out.Same formation again with Garcon on the weak side. Ppass to Garcon & its dropped. 3rd & goal. Helu in Moss in the slot & it's TOUCHDOWN GARCON. Dallas called offsides & it's declined. FG kick is good. Garcon ties Art Monk's single Season reception reception record with a touchdown. Dallas 14 Skins 13

Skins kick it off & Dallas takes a knee in the endzone. Dallas ball at the 20. Romo sits to pee flushed out & connects to Dez for a 1st down. From the 30, empty backfield. Romo sits to pee to Beasly for 9. 2nd & 1. Murray for 1 for a 1st down. Marker says 1st down, announced as 3rd down. Sound familiar? Dez slips, DHall picks off Romo sits to pee for back to back turnovers. Dez getting pissed off on the sidelines. :) Kirk to Garcon to BREAK MONK'S RECORD. Garcon is abusing Carr. Kirk incomplete to Garcon who nearly takes out a cheerleader on the sidelines. Skins back to Morris. 3rd & 1 from the 17. Morris up the gut for 1st down. Again it's Morris up the middle. 71 yards so far on the day for Morris. Morris in for the go ahead TOUCHDOWN!. Suck on that Dallas Bamas. :) Kick is good & it's Redskins lead 20-14

Redskins kick it off & Dallas takes a knee again in the endzone. Dallas ball at the 20 & the Skins D is looking for another turnover....Romo sits to pee incomplete to Dez. Cowboys starting to get away from Murray. :) Romo sits to pee incomplete. Murray back in on 3rd & 10. Romo sits to pee SACKED by Kerrigan. FOURTH DOWN. Moss returns just shy of the 50.

Skins need to keep the Kirk/Garcon/Morris rythm going as Garcon/Morris can take over this game.Morris up the middle. Kirk incomplete to DY. 3rd & 8. Flag. Delay of game makes it 3rd & 13. Kirk to Moss. complete. Flag on Dallas unnecessary roughness cheap shot on Moss. 15 yard penalty. Morris for 3. 2nd & 7. Helu in. Helu immediately wrapped up. 3rd & 9. Kirk over the middle to Paulsen. Short of the 1st but in FG range. Forbath out to kick.48 yarder is GOOD. Skins up 23-14.


Dallas takes ANOTHER knee in the endzone on the 3rd straight kickoff. Murray for a gain of 5. Murray to left for nothing. 3rd & 4. Romo sits to pee to Williams ruled a catch,while getting the **** knocked out of him by Amerson. Rak down. Rutruh. Possible groin/hip flexor from the looks of it. Rak walking off on his own. Good sign there. 1st & 10. Dallas remembers the run game. Murray for 6. Murray again for a short gain. 3rd & 1. Romo sits to pee avoids a sack, complete to Austin. Romo sits to pee hurt avoiding Rob Jackson. Could be the ankle. Barely hands it off to Murray. Romo sits to pee still in. 2nd Down. Pitch to Murray from the Pistol. 3rd & 6. Romo sits to pee limping. Romo sits to pee to Williams tackled by Wilson. 4th &1. Dallas going for it. Redskins burn a timeout. FLAG on Dallas FALSE START 5 yard penalty HAHAHAHA. Dallas STILL going to go for it.....Romo sits to pee complete to Beasly for the 1st down. Murray around the left. 2nd Down. Romo sits to pee still hobbled. 2nd & 4. Romo sits to pee throws it away. Flag on the D for holding. Thanks Josh Wilson. Ugh. Murray for a few yards. 2nd & Goal.Romo sits to pee to Murray who gets blown the **** up by Merriweather. 3rd & Goal. Romo sits to pee overthrows Dez who had separation on DHall. 4th & Goal. FG is barely good. Skins 23 Dallas 17.

Skins take over around the 20 after a Morgan return. Kirk incomplete to Garcon. 2nd Down. Morris gets a yard with the spin up the gut. 3rd & 9. Kirk to ALdrick for the 1st down. Nice rifled in pass there. :) 1st & 10. Morris for nothing up the middle. 2nd down. 4 min to go.... Quad bunch formation again. Kirk runs it & is dragged down. 3rd & 6. Kirk to Garcon is broken up. Skins forced to punt it. Rocca with a HORRIBLE shank that Spurlock lets roll like an idiot. Dallas gets backed up further by the roll. That's what you call turning a negative into a positive. :)

Romo sits to pee to Williams id incomplete. 2nd down. Romo sits to pee with ALL kinds of time finds Williams for the 1st down. 3:20 left on the clock. Romo sits to pee again with time, targets Dez & its broken up by DHall. Whew. 2nd & 10. Romo sits to pee deep to Williams who beat Josh Wilson like a drom. Gain of 51. **** 1st down. Screen to Dez who finally beats DHall. Down inside the 5. 1st & Goal. 2:16 on the clock. Timeout Redskins. One timeout left each team. Six point game....Murray inside the 1 but shy of the goal line.


Murray DENIED. 3rd & Goal.PERRY RILEY with the stop for a loss on Murray. FLAG on Baker for removing his helmet. Ruled NO FOUL as the helmet came off by contact. 4th & Goal. TIMEOUT DALLAS. From the 10. Romo sits to pee to Murray. Touchdown. FIGHT in the endzone. Flag out. Murray shoved someone as he was being dragged away without his helmet. Offsetting fouls. 1:08 left on the clock. FG is good. Barely. Skins are down by 1.

Flag on the return. 1:01 left on the clock. 10 yard penealty on the Skins for a block in the back.Kirk to Heu for a short gain. 56 secs left. 2nd & 6. Incomplete to Aldrick. 3rd & 6. 51 secs left. Kirk incomplete to Garcon. 4th & 6. 45 seconds left. THIS. IS. IT. Kirk to Moss incomplete. Dallas ball. And that's the game.


Another loss indicative of the season...and really, indicative of many seasons of the past 20 or so years. Winning a game late and allowing the opposing team to hang around and finally giving up a few big plays to blow it in the end.

On top of that, pathetic clock management and communication. How many delay of games were there? I think the worst one was the one after the Skins had driven down inside the Dallas red zone. Of course, it was quickly followed by a false start, IIRC.

The game was lost in the first half, despite having a lead in the 4th quarter. Not being able to punch it into the end zone after getting that close was pathetic.

This whole season has been a **** sandwich without the bread. Fortunately there's enough to spread around between the coaching staff and the players.

Decent crowd today but it got too loud when Dallas did something well. You could feel the air get sucked out of the stadium when Romo sits to pee scrambled and hit that bomb in the 4th quarter that helped set up their touchdown.

CLICK HERE for pics from todays game.













Not only is this pic hilarious, but Spiff also tweeted it to her. :D



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