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Here i was excited that my Cowboys have figured out how to play football again, I was excited that all those great games The Cowboys and The Redskins had would be back now that we were both back on top of the NFC. Then I see you completley falling apart, Bruce Smith looks as pathetic as my old Cowboy heroes did the last few years. Come on guys Its time to get a real coach, Tell Snidder to swallow his pride (if Jerry can do it anyone can) and hire someone other than a puppet. I want to have a good rivalry again, at least i respect you guys i cant stand those No Superbowl having green little wimpy eagles.

I know The Redskins will be back and then we can restart our glorious legacy of smashmouth asskickin games once again.

Cowboys! :cheers: Redskins ........We fight then we drink!

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