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If I were a star player on the Redskins...


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Knowing that shanahan won't be back next year and benching RG3 out of spite, I would make sure Kirk have the worse days of his life on that football field. I know a lot of players are discontent about RG3 but I wouldn't give Shanahan the satisfaction of watching his guy, Kirk, succeed before he goes home and collect his 7mil. Guys like Trent Williams, Garcon, Morris, Jordan Reed(whom RG personally selected. RG can be a good scout some day, by the way) etc. should take this as a personal attack against not only them but the whole team. I wouldn't allow Shanahan to sabotage this team and then go home and watch the soap opera sitting in his multi-million dollar mansion while you're the one out there risking ACL injuries. The same way RG3 is being shot down, I would shot it down too.


Or, could it be that Shanahan is trying to destroy the trade value of Kirk in order to stick it to Snyder. This is how messed up the situation is, there are so many possible angle in which in the end only the team will suffer. Shanahan is piece of poo when you think of it.


Remember people, there is a reason certain QBs are passed over until the 4th round. There is a reason majority of successful starting QBs in the league are selected in the 1st round. Also, it is much more easier to be composed and play well as the back up for a few game or even a full season(like Schaub and Cassell) because you're playing with house money. Because the worse that can happen to you is going back to being a back up. Is it a coincidence that those late rounders tend to hit the ceiling and crash and burn like Kolb and Flynn? Not at all, because this game is rigged. Only the best stay on top. To those who want to make the Russel Wilson argument, he wasn't 1st round material solely because of height.


Now, to all the Kirk supporters, do you want a super star or a game manager? I'm loving this. You think you can win in this NFL with an average team and a game manager? You think Alex Smith could have done what RG3 did last year? Kids, that's all Kirk is. He's an Alex Smith. He's nobody that teams need to game plan for like Cam or RG3. Ask yourself this, what is Kirk's potential? Not much. He'll give you your 230 yards passing and 1.5 TD and .5 INTs per game. With this Redskins team, especially the defense, you think you gonna beat teams with 1st round caliber QBs like Denver, Carolina, San Fran, Green bay, etc.? How quick you guys forget.


Look that the top 6 playoffs teams in each conference right now, name me one QB that was selected pass the 2nd round? And don't give me the Russell Wilson and Brady story. This game is rigged folks, you need your 1st rounders to compete long term. RG3 was NOT a fluke and if you think Kirk will be a superstar in this league, well, I would like to sell you the empire state building for 2mil, no question ask.

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