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Redskins vs Falcons Prediction Thread: Sending a Message or Mailing It In

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When: 1:00 P.M. EST/Noon CST

Where: Georgia Dome, Atlanta


 Wow.  There are few words to describe the situation in DC, as the Redskins limp into Atlanta after an utter embarrassment against the Chiefs, being humiliated at home in front of one of the smallest crowds in recent memory.


 Hoping this doesn't get ugly, but here it goes.

The Falcons come off a disappointing loss, suffering a meltdown of their own this year, at the hands of the Packers, blowing a comfy lead to lose by a point. This has been an off year, one the Falcons just assume forget, and move on to next year, hoping to get their players healthy and back on track.


The Redskins are suffering an equally embarrassing season, with turmoil throughout the entire team, offense, defense, and special teams, especially against the Chiefs, were simply non-existent.  Questions and heat swirl in the front office and in the coaching staff as both Shanahans, Haslett, and Burns are all taking a tremendous amount of criticism after the last loss. Players appeared, at times, to have just mailed it in, going through the motions, but there were a few who took pride in their effort, even in a lost cause.


Folks, it has been a very disappointing season for the Redskins, and many question if they will win again this year, questions surrounding the coaching staff possibly being relieved of duty, but at some point the players have to play for whatever pride they have, and that's the one thing that can be a motivational tool for them. So the question is, do they talk amongst themselves and say 'I wear the Burgundy & Gold with pride, and go down fighting?  Why, I dunno, but I honestly believe they will, despite the turmoil surrounding the team.


when its all said and hopefully done,

Redskins 20

Falcons   17

* I am trying my best to find a glimmer of hope, and this might be the head-scratcher game we've been waiting for.  First person to correctly nail the score wins a new Redskins cap.

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I really thought that this would be a game that we could win about 2-3 weeks ago...

Now? I doubt it...the Falcons have been on the brink for the past few weeks

and we all know what will cure that ill...play the Skins...that's a sure fire win...

Hate to say it..but I think the Falcons get a win here..


I will say my usual...


What I want to happen

                                      Skins              24

                                      Dirty Birds      20


What I think will happen

                                      Skins              10

                                      Dirty Birds       20


I'm still only giving ATL 20 pts..lol...they will beat us but they ain't that good...ha

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Mail it in - postage due just to stick it to the chumps who are going to watch (me included).


Shanny and the Quitskins. Though, I dont blame the players much for quitting when their coach obviously has already.


How bad will Dallas light this team up too... ugh, I HATE the freaking cowboys so much and they are going to kick the hell out of this stinking rotting corpse of a team.

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Matry Ice rediscovers his moxy. As so many do when the big B&G comedy show roles into town.

Snyder spends the game on his cell threatening the lawyers to fix the contract dispute or he'll fix them.

SkinsMaryDu's husband wishes he was anywhere but sat next her in the Georgia Dome as she goes ballistic at the let down of her first ever game in carnage in Atlanta not seen since it burnt down in Gone with the Wind.

And Shanahan STILL finds a way to put ALL the blame on Robert even though he sat playing on his iPhone through the debacle on the sidelines.

Oh yeah, we take another ass whooping to move to 3-11. Let's say 13-38.


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Meeting of two of the season's biggest disappointments. Skins back to being laughingstocks. Please keep our logo but change our name. Hopefully nobody will recognize us. Let local Native Americans select our name. This should invalidate any curses. Skins lose again.

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